Modular Tire Carrier


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Yesterday, I got the next revision in the development of the Modular Tire Carrier that I have been working on for the H3 Hummer. An H3 Hummer Modular Tire Carrier is for creating an easy solution for bolt-on common off-road accessories. The most important accessory is the Hi-Lift, an off-road jack that is commonly found on farms that have many purposes and great utility off-road recovery. I’ve been stuck in the mud a time or two and the only solution to getting out is a shovel, specifically a mini round point shovel with a good handle. While we’re at it might as well use the Hi-Lift to protect the CB Antenna and reduce the number of blind spots behind the driver. I would also like to get a Jerry Can back there too for extended range and also to help someone out on the trail. Finally, the tire can be adjusted up and down typically depending on the size of the tire. Some H3 Hummers out there are rolling around on 38-inch tires, others only have 33-inch tires, and I have 34.8-inch tires. Which is why this carrier is adjustable from 31 to 39-inch tires.