Fixing the Auxiliary Audio Input


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Where to begin… The “H3 Hummer Quick N’ Simple Auxiliary Audio Input” that I’ve been shipping for the last few months has been having quite the influx of issues. Quite a bit more than what I consider acceptable. The issues of been wires breaking, static in the radio, no audio and etc. Which is why I’ve changed the design of this Audio Input for the better.

Above is a photo of the newly designed printed circuit board for the auxiliary audio input. This PCB is designed to fix every issue that all of the customers have been running into. It also has the added benefits of making the product seem much less… shitty.  Getting away from that rat nest of wires, slopped on liquid electrical tape, and questionable design. This improved design will look professional and have improved durability.

With Revision 1 of the Audio Adapter, broken parts will be much easier to replace too. Hopefully, with the redesign this won’t be a issue but the part will easily be sectioned up into 3 parts. Making it possible for only the 1 of 3 sections to be replaced, instead of the whole part getting tossed into the trash.

XM Satellite Radio Box

Not everyone may know this, but the “H3 Hummer Quick N’ Simple Auxiliary Audio Input” actually works in a lot of the GM vehicle produced from 2000 to 2010. The audio input adapter is compatible with vehicles like the Chevy Colorado, the GMC Canyon, the Corvette, GMC Trailblazer Envoy, H2 Hummer, Cadillac CTS, GMC Yukon Denali, the Chevy Tahoe Z71, GMC Sierra 3500, Chevrolet Equinox, and the list goes on. If the vehicle has the Delphi Delco XM Satellite box, pictured above, with the Part Number 10367164 then this adapter will be able to play music on that vehicles radio.

I hope that wraps everything up quite well for all the problems I’ve caused. I’m sorry for the issues. I’m going to make things rights. Thanks for the support and bear with me while sorting this out.

  1. David Soltysik Avatar

    Hello! I’ve got a 2009 H3T with the factory nav radio. I’d really like to be able to play music via bluetooth. I have a factory backup camera, so not too concerned about that. I’d prefer to avoid replacing the head unit if possible. What’s the best solution? Are you selling a kit? My phone doesn’t have a headphone jack.


    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

  2. Jimmy Baker Avatar

    Hi. I just bought my 16 year old daughter a 2008 h3. See want to use her phone to play music. How can I get a Auxiliary Audio Input from You. And how much. Thanks

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I used up all the parts to making the Aux Inputs, I recommend reading my post . Installing a new head unit which I cover in this post

  3. Jochen Fischer Avatar

    I am owner of an 2006 HUMMER H3 (without XM satellite radio) and I am searching for an aux input module to connect my Android 9.0 Smartphone to the factory CD MP3 radio by Bluetooth.

    which of you module will be the best for my needs ?

    thanks in advance


    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Jochen, I don’t make the AUX input any more because the parts to make them are all gone. You can read about it here . However, there are much better options now that I recommend that cost just bit more with a bunch more rewards. Check out , , and

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