Burnt Out HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs


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About year ago in my dashboard a light bulb for controlling the vents went out on my H3 Hummer, making it difficult to see which setting I had the ventilation on. A few months later, I had two light bulbs that didn’t illuminate on my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Control Panel which began to make choosing the setting on the instrument panel difficult at night. I called up GM about getting it fixed but all they want to do is completely replace the GM Part No. 15840354 CONTROL, A/C Instrument Panel, or with the part ACDelco 15-73909 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Control Panel with Rear Window Defogger Switch. Expensive and very wasteful I found out how to get my hands on the light bulbs from a guy on eBay. Replacing the light bulbs only took about 15 minutes of my time. Now I’m on the hunt to purchase a large quantity of them so that I can sell them to on my websites shop. The HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs are for sale in my store for $20.00 for five of them.

Begin with putting your finger in the cigarette lighter socket and put up to release the dash. I know it sounds weird, but trust me it works amazingly. After which you’ll need to remove four bolts that hold the HVAC Control to the dash with a 7mm socket (or at least that is what I used).

GM 15840354 CONTROL, AC Instrument Panel H3 Hummer Light Bulb doesn't Illuminate dash pulled out

I used a 7mm socket to remove the HVAC Control System from the dash panel.

H3 Hummer HVAC GM 15840354 CONTROL, AC Instrument Panel Removal Light burning out Bulb

I’ve now disconnected the wires so that the HVAC Cluster is detached from the dash panel so that it’s easier to work with.

GM 15840354 HVAC Instrument Panel Removed to replace the light bulb H3 Hummer

Carefully I used a very small flat blade screwdriver to separate the back cover of the HVAC.

Prying Open H3 Hummer HVAC fixing a light bulb

The back cover came off with very little effort by starting one end and slowly working my way to the other end.

HVAC H3 Hummer Apart with old light bulbs exposed for replacement GM

With a simple switch of that small flat blade screwdriver, I was able to remove the H3’s HVAC light blub. The new light bulb is on the left, and the burnt out old on the right.

H3 Hummer HVAC GM 15840354 Old Light Bulb on Right Fix Illumination

In this image, I’ve placed the three old light bulbs I’ve replaced on the right with a new one on the left. Might as well replace them all while I’m at it.

H3 Hummer Light Bulbs three on the right old burnt out

Within 15 minutes I was able to finish the whole project but had to wait few hours to get this photo of everything back together.

H3 Hummer GM 15840354 CONTROL, AC Instrument Panel Light Bulb Burnt Out Repaired

  1. Brian N Avatar

    Have you been able to get your hands on these bulbs yet? If so I’m in need as none of my A/C control panels bulbs are good… Also My 4×4 light is out… Is that a fuse problem or these same bulbs? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Sorry it took so long for me to respond, but I never forgot. I just order a bunch of test samples, which I should have within a week.

      1. How do I replace the rear wiper knob bulb? The light is out on mine. Is it the same bulb for that?

        1. Schwarttzy Avatar

          Wouldn’t know, but the odds are that it is same light bulb. Relative soon, I’ll have them for sale in my shopping cart.

  2. Thanks. You saved me lots of cash with this fix. I had the exact same problem with the lights. Also with the driver side window controls. Ordered lights for both from Ebay seller. Thanks again.

    1. I did get the rear wiper control knob opened and the bulb is changeable. Question is now what is the correct bulb. The bulb is similar to the bulbs above in the HVAC unit but looks a bit longer and wider even though the base fits perfectly. Any chance the bulb specs are known?

      1. Schwarttzy Avatar

        Wouldn’t know, I just learning as I go.

        1. I’m worried about frying my BCM doing this. Are the bulbs easily replaced by twisting or does it require soldering? What is the specific bulb you ordered off eBay?

          1. Schwarttzy Avatar

            I’ll have them up for sale, in two weeks. There is no soldering involved, just twist the old light bulb out, and twist the new one back in.

  3. jim clegg Avatar

    can’t find bulbs any part number or description

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I’ll have them up for sale, in two weeks.

  4. D. Alexander Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial! Changed mine out over the weekend. I put in some blue LEDs I bought on Ebay and worked well. Now the rear wiper control doesn’t match in color so will try that next. Hopefully they are same size bulb. Might look at the 4X4 control switch while I have it off to see if changing those are an option too so I can have matching lights on the entire dash.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I have light bulbs that are the correct color that I will begin selling on my website, just been extremely busy lately.

      1. how much are you selling the bulbs for?
        I would like all three
        also, how do you put the bulbs in, is it like a snap or do i need to get some special stuff to make them stick?
        you can reply at gp1182@gmail.com

        1. Schwarttzy Avatar

          Haven’t decided yet, I’ll be testing what I have and posting a price.

  5. Dude where’s the bulbs or the part number, WTF is this a controlled item?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      They’re for sale on my website now

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