Under Construction




Just about to finish up with all the new code for my WordPress Theme Semper Fi version 16. Completely rewritten from the ground up with better code to meet the new standards in HTML5 & CSS3. The main reason for all of this new code was to be able to rapidly create new options in the Theme Customizer. I also want to include a option for a Slider, which is just for now on the home page. Later I plan to be able to make custom sliders for pages or posts. This slider is unique because it requires no JavaScript to work, it’s written purely in CSS3. This slider’s code is incredibly easy to work with too, just check one box before saving. I’ve also written a menu specifically for mobile users. It’s the one in the upper right corner, which is very touch friendly. Hundreds of other fixes and new features exist in the theme, but I’ll get to those at a later time.