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In the town Harrison, Michigan is Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park where it gets a bit more wild than the usual off-road park. The difficulty of the trails range from beginner to expert, even the people afraid of scratching the paint will have a place to play in the 200 acres. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park has rock gardens, tires gardens, hills to climb, and of course plenty of mud holes. The cost is $25 for each driver per day and an additional $5 for the passengers. What are you waiting for? Head on out!
Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park Map
Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park Official Website


  1. Thanks for the great review of the park. There are many more trail not marked that are here as well to enjoy. The pictures are a great aspect of your site and show plenty of what we have to offer as well. The cost has gone up to $25 per vehicle now and we also have plenty of rustic camping and power is soon to be connected. Thanks again Ron Price R&V Off Road Park.

    1. I’ve changed the pricing for you, also if you have any photos you’ll like me put up here I would be happy too.

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