Cliff's Insane Terrain Park



Illinois’ only true Off-Road park for full size vehicles has some of the most unique wheeling that you will ever encounter. Nothing like the rocks in California, where traction is no problem on the granite. The mud at Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park is something of it’s own, adding another level to difficultly to off-roading… that most haven’t experienced. The hills are truly eroding underneath your feet as that vehicle works it’s heart out trying to climb up hills. The trails become quite interesting when you drop into a rut and literately let go of the steering wheel and stay on the trail. I generally like to avoid this kind of terrain, but it is just a tell for where I struggle driving off-road. Want to know if that super flexy buggy of your is all that, bring here and you’ll know just how good it is. Rain is huge factor at Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park on gauging how hard the trails are going to be. If it rain the day of or the day before, a stock vehicle isn’t going to be “running the trails.” Even mildly modified vehicles will struggle here. Trust me, Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park is something you just have to experience at least once in your life.
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