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Ever since the H3 Hummer obsession took hold of me, I have noticed a bunch of people visit the site searching for what’s the biggest tire an H3 Hummer can fit. Also, I’ve noticed searches for whether or not it is possible to put 35-inch tires on an H3 Hummer. Yes, thirty-five-inch tires will fit on an H3 Hummer with absolutely no modifications. Even the factory spare tire mount on the tailgate will fit a 35″ tire just fine. There is however a few things I recommend when mounting a tire that big on the H3. But overall, having 35-inch tires on an H3 Hummer is worth it.

The absolute biggest tire that will fit without any modification to the vehicle is 315/75r16 which is 34.6 inches tall and about 11 inches wide. Even though the tires are only 34.6 inches tall, most off-roader enthusiasts refer to them as 35’s. I wanted a tire that was aggressive but had a relatively small impact on road-noise, gas mileage, and highway-speed handling when compared to the factory tires. This is why I choose General Grabber 315/75r16. To my surprise, I found them to be a bit more aggressive than I had expected when I finally came face to face with the tires. Despite the tires being more aggressive than I expected, these tires have exceeded all of my expectations. Road noise from the tires is well within an acceptable range, gas mileage seems to be right on, and the extra grip these tires have is fun in the turns. Even though the tire size has changed, the speedometer is still for the most part right where it should be. Typically, an H3 Hummer’s speedometer with 35-inch tires will read 9.5% slower with the base model and only 5.5% with Adventure Package equipped Hummer. Don’t forget to factor that difference in when calculating gas-milage that the vehicle drove 5.5% to 9.5% further on that tank of gas.

The Factory tires that an H3 Hummer comes equipped with are a lighter load range than most typical off-road tires and this has some positive effects and negatives effects. Higher load range tires can handle more physical weight than a lower load range tire can and as a result, they weigh more and affect the gas mileage negatively. City driving is where the biggest difference in gas mileage will be noticed. Whereas highway mileage should go nearly unnoticed. How much this affects the gas mileage is entirely up to the driver. These tires can handle a heavy payload without distorting but this also means the tire doesn’t absorb as many vibrations and can cause the Hummer to ride a little bit rougher than when it was stock. Luckily with my tires at 35 PSI, I haven’t been able to tell for certain if the ride is the same or a bit rougher.

On the positive side of things, a higher load range tire works better for off-road. The first thing everyone should do before some serious off-road driving takes place is to air the tires down. How much the tire should be aired down is debatable. I typically choose 12 to 14 PSI. Airing the tire down increases the size of the tire’s footprint by 2-3 times. This increased traction makes the off-road trails easier on the driver and more importantly on the vehicle. The higher load range of the tires also helps hold the bead on the rim at these lower pressures when off-roading. If the bead were to slip it can cause the tire to become unbalanced, or worse let out all the air pressure.

Once the decision to return to civilization is made, typically it’s going to be a bit of a drive to the nearest gas station before the tires can be aired up to 35 PSI. Driving on low tire pressure is less of concern with a tire with a higher load range because of the extra strength that the tire’s sidewall has. Of course, the biggest, and the only reason to ever consider putting a bigger tire is to increase the ground clearance on the vehicle.

Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase of my Red Letter General Grabber tires. The tires have the aggressive design, extra ground clearance, and the off-road performance gains that I wanted. I look forward to seeing how well they perform in the long run.

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    Will they work with the alpha series and stock 16″ wheels?

    1. There is no difference between an alpha and one that isn’t.

      1. Jon Scherr Avatar

        The stock tire and wheel sizes are p26575r16 on a 16×7.5″ wheel. Increasing the tire size to lt31575r16 would require a wheel 16×8.5″ or 16×9 to accommodate the additional width. I would like to put M/T Baja atz 31575r16 on my 08 h3 without incident, but am unsure.

        1. No, you do not need anything wider than the factory rims. I don’t recommend rims that are wider than factory for a bunch of reasons.

          1. I’m running 33?s now on an h3 adventure pack alpha. I’m thinking of getting these same 35? grabbers. I’ve heard of problems with rubbing when the tire is fully turned on 35?s is that the case with the grabbers too?

          2. Yes the 35’s rub, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. The only thing that happens is that you polish up the front sway bar a bit, in one spot, at full lock. Otherwise you would never know. This isn’t something that should be considered as a deciding factor on whether or not to run those tires.

          3. Thanks schwarttzy. What’s your overall opinion on a 4″ lift for the H3. I know that you have a page about cranking the torsion bars. How does that compare overall to a 4″ lift kit? Also would a 4″ lift prevent rubbing?
            Thanks a bunch. You’re a great resource.

          4. The 4″ kit is a one way street, no going back once installed. Where as the cranking the torsion bars and also getting some extended shackles is something that can be put on in the morning and then taken off in the afternoon.
            Before you go investing the cash into the 4″ lift kit, go the inexpensive route first to make sure you wouldn’t be happy there first.
            You need to go to http://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/forum.php and read up there, because I can’t tell you enough in just his comment.

      2. Just put 315 75 16’s on. I’m in love. No rub no problem.

        1. Dante2304 Avatar

          Just did my hummer H3 General Grabber 315/75r16
          Love it wish I could post a pic IMG_1078.JPG

          1. I would love to post the picture! Send me an email, using the contact page. Once I get the email I’ll respond and then you can email the image. Sorry for the hassle, I’m trying to avoid getting spam. Or you could guess my email. It’s this website at gmail.

          2. How was longer-term usage of that tire size on that rim? Has it held up well?

          3. I’m have a lot of trouble understand what your question actually is. Almost every time I see an aftermarket rim on an H3, that vehicle actually took a step back in performance. The H3 Hummer factory 16 inch rims are the absolutely perfect size for an 35 inch off-road tire. The backspacing, width, and rim size can not be improved for better performance. There is absolutely no issues with the factory rim strength, or durability. If someone has mentioned something about this to you, I would seriously doubt if they really know anything about using a 4X4 vehicle off-road.

          4. PinoyPC Avatar

            I think you are right, I have an H3 luxury with the diff locks. It came with 265/75r16 and chrome plated Hummer wheels. I replaced the chrome wheels after it got really bad corrosion, no one would clean or fix it. So I got a set of 5 16″Pro Comp 31 and fitted these with 285/75r16 Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires. I got my H3 used with 119k miles and it use to do 80-85 easily on I40 at under 4k rpm, now I can only do 65-75 and my engine is running on high rom and my tranny sounds like its really having a hard time.
            I did not lift my truck or change the torsion bar setting and it looks really good, but I am so much slower now:(.
            The tires by the way are heavier so overall I think I added about 25lbs per tire had Firestone ATs before but smaller size.

    2. Gnarly Gorilla Avatar

      Great article, very informative. I asked the Dealership about this size tire and they approved it. P315/75R 16 is a LOT of tire. Gives the Hummer H3 a whole new look as well. I like the General Tires “Grabber”, but I live in the Ohio Valley Region and have found the Toyo Open Country M/T to be the better choice. We don’t get much snow if any, mainly slush. It don’t last past a few days. We do get a lot of rain, therefore the hills and getting to them is mud and wet clay (RED & GRAY). The brand & type tire you choose should heavily be involved in considering the terrain you live in. We don’t have much use for lift kits but there are those that have them. Mostly though, stock Hummer & Jeep will go anywhere the built guys go. Toyo M/T is also a great tire for pulling heavy loads on the highway. Happy Trails folks. Hope my reply helped someone out today. 😀

  2. Very good reads. I myself just bought the ready lift leving kit with rear shackles to add a full 2.5 inches in the front a 1.5 extra room in the rear. Decided to run a Toyo Open Country M/T 285-75-R18 stock rims. This truck is an 08 H3 Alpha series with the Crome package. So far it’s great and just a very small rub at full lock on the column.

    1. Nick, the ready lift leveling kit is a scam. If you read through my other post, H3 Preformance, you notice that I’m against torsion keys, they are known to fail. I really recommend removing them and just using the factory hardware. All you do is tighten bolts that are connected to the torsion bars. Also, those extended shackles are weak. A few time on the forums people have complained about them breaking on them.
      Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you got 35’s on there! But the chrome bums me out a bit.

  3. I want to get 33 inch 285/75/r16 for my h3, but it says they’re made for 8 inch width rims. Can I still put them on my stock 16×7.5 rims?

    1. Yes they will fit great.

  4. matthew Avatar

    How do 35s really do on a 3.5 I’m thinking of putting them on but herd others say that 35s dnt agree with the 3.5

    1. They work just fine had my for years now. Keep in mind you have an SUV and not some hot rod or sports car.

  5. H3Dude Avatar

    Just to be clear, you are saying that a 33 X 10.50 will fit and work fine on the OEM rims? How much power loss in the 3.5.L?

    1. The title of this page is “H3 Hummer 35″ Tires,”

      1. StevieRay Avatar

        Thanks for the information, I am getting an upgrade on my H3 tomorrow. They are telling me that I need a tire spacer for my spare tire to prevent messing up my paint. Did you have one installed for yours and if so where did you find it?

        1. All tires 35 inches, or smaller, in diameter will mount on all H3 Hummer models without any issues.

  6. I have an 06 H3 and have 35×12.5×18 nitto trail grapplers on it with fuel octane 18×9 rims. Ive had them on now about 3.5 yrs and have had to replace the hubs and upper control arms due to the added weight. Recently i have been having an issue when making turns were the steering gets tight in the turn and when coming out of the turn. The steering wheel doesnt flow in/out of the turn smoothly as it has since ive had them on. Thinking it to be a steering problem ive changed my power steering pump and even the full steering rack. The problem remains! Not thinking it to be a tire issue because they still have alot tread but could the tires possibly be the issue from them being so wide and maybe not be so rounded off anymore? I have about 40k or so miles on them.

    1. If you replace the upper control arms, did you get it aligned? Even just having more weight over the front end would warrant getting the front end aligned.

      1. I have had it aligned and the problem remains. Ive replaced the upper control arms before and never had this issue when turning before or after doing them on a prior occasion.

    2. Tex Oliver Avatar

      Bobby, Would you happen to have any pics? I’m thinking of a set-up exactly like you have, and would like to see what it looks like. Thanks.

  7. Im runnin the stock 18″ rims on the h3x whats size tire is the available upgrade to the “meatier” off – road world? And could i put stock 16″ rims on the h3x ???? Wife drove it offroad had a mishap blew a tire and destroyed a rim having quite a time finding the replacement 18.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I recommend the 16 inch rims with 31 to 37 inch tires, because they are more functional on and off-road. 18 inch rims take away too much from the flex in the side wall of the tire. Less side wall, means less room for the tire to maneuver for grip. If the tires are 39 inches or taller, I recommend 18 inch rims. When a tire is 39 inches or taller on a 16 rim the vehicle has too much side wall. At high speeds a vehicle with 16 inch rims and 39+ inch tires will exhibit poor handling characteristics.

      1. Could i put stock 16s on the h3x and im looking pickup a whole set

        1. Schwarttzy Avatar

          I can’t think of reason why the factory rims wouldn’t work out.

  8. Schwarttzy did you put GRABBER MT’s on your H3?? They look sharp and I will due for tires by summers end. Thanks in advance.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I’m not a fan of the MT Grabber, would probably go with BFGoodrich MT tires. I have the General Grabbers and they work great in the mud.

  9. How are the grabbers in mud?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Love them, much better than the old style Goodyear MTR’s

  10. i have a 2008 standard hummer h3 can i put on 315/75/16 with factory rims ? or do i need a lift /

    1. also would a goodyear wrangler duratrack look good ?

      1. Schwarttzy Avatar

        They’re great tires, a lot of people have them on their H3’s. Personally, they’re not as aggressive as I like.

    2. Schwarttzy Avatar

      You don’t need a lift for those tire fit on your H3 Hummer.

  11. I have 285 X 16 on my 2007 and I will most definitely go to 315’s. YOUR advise is most precise for all of us H3 drivers.

  12. Mike Soto Avatar

    I have 22 inch rims what’s the biggest tires I can use for my H3 Hummer 2007? I also have the factory 18 inch chrome rims what is the biggest tire I can put on them instead of the 22 inch rims?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Mike,
      I’m absolutely against putting 22 inch rims on a H3 Hummer. Hummer as a brand was destroyed because junk like this. The H3 is meant for going off-road, when things like 22 inch rims, chrome, and step bars (not to be confused with rock sliders) are bolted on it becomes a status symbols. This website is strictly for going off-road with the H3 Hummer.
      16″ rims are the best possible size for optimal off-road performance when matched with 33″ to 37″ tall tires. 17″ rims work great with tires that are 35″ to 39″ tall. The idea is to have a particular side wall to rim ratio. This way the tire’s maximum stability is maintained, while having enough flex to effectively wrap around the terrain to produce the greatest amount of grip. I typically recommend jumping up one tire size load rating above the vehicles rating, in the H3 Hummers case “D”. This way the vehicle can air the tires down to 12-14 PSI without the bead on the rim readily slipping requiring a rebalance.
      Effectively, when I see mismatched rims and tires, I know one of two things. The person is either ignorant, which I’m happy to elevate that problem. Or they prefer a particular style over performance, and my mind basically takes a dead end route to those stick on hood scoops. Now that I have shared my knowledge, hopefully whats considered tasteful has changed a bit.
      – Eric

  13. Joshua Rodriguez Avatar

    So I went to discount tire and they told me I could not fit 35 Toyo tires with my 16 rims, that I would have to get a lift. He said that they tried to put them on a h2 and they would barley fit that model.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      That tech guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, did that guy even try to fit them? The H2 Hummer comes with 35 inch tire from the factory and can fit 37 inch tires on the factory ride height. Look at the image above, that is my personal H3 Hummer with 315/75r16 General Grabbers.

  14. I’m shopping around now for tires and rims. What would you recommend I purchase to go up from factory to a 33″ tire and 17″ Rim. I am not sure of the sizes I need for that look. Also I am not sure of width? Thanks

  15. Can I run 16 x 10 wheels with 315 75 tires on a Hummer H3 without any issues of rubbing or will I need a lift kit?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      The factory rims are 16×8 if I remember right, just need to check the backspacing. I’m running 315/75r16 tires with no problems. Also, no lift is necessary but I do recommend cracking the torsion bars and extended shackles.

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