69 Boss Mustang



I’m just about to start writing some code for the WordPress Theme Adventure. But before I do, I have to finally get around to sharing this awesome video of a Boss 1969 Mustang. In the video hot rod builder Bodie Stroud brings to life one of the best Mustangs I have ever seen that it is all for go, and not for show. This Mustang is hands down to me the best looking, performance driven, know exactly what your talking about, mustang I have ever seen. Even the famous Elonore from the movie of “Gone in 60 Seconds” that came out in 2000 doesn’t compete. Coupled with the exceedingly rare, 1 of 10, all aluminum, 494 motor, built in 1969 specifically for Mario Andretti‘s Can Am racing days, and dynoed at 777 horsepower, not much can match up with this Stang. With the motor putting out horse power numbers like that, a factory uni-body has no chance of surviving it . So Bodie Stroud cut out the factory uni-body and custom built a full-frame chassis for the Mustang to give the Mustang the strength it needs, and the handling you want.
Anyway, before I give the entirety of the video away. Enjoy.