The Small House Book


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Since I’m getting kind of serious about building a Tiny House that I can drag behind my Hummer and sleep in, I bought the book “The Small House Book” by Jay Shafer. I bought the book with the assumption that the book was going to talk about living in a Tiny House, does and don’t of building one, and things of that sort. I thought wrong.
I found that Jay Shafer devoted a good portion of his book arguing the case for Tiny Homes and how to argue for it too because it seems there is a lot laws preventing people from living in small homes. I found some of the arguments Jay makes to be silly and and others to be completely against values I believe in. Don’t get me wrong though, I completely agree that American’s spend entirely to much on having bigger homes when a smaller, better designed houses could provide an even better environment. The section on road sizes seemed completely off topic, but if I need some spokes person to defend my right to live in a Tiny House, this part shows that Jay would be a good choice.
If I had to sum up the book, I would say that it was just an introduction to defending your tiny home rights. The photo’s of all the Tiny House’s are quite inspiring. The section where he tries to explain that form and function are one in the same, meaning that metal should never like wood and vice a versa, drives home to me. I was a bit lost with that sacred circle and stars stuff he talked about, but that might just be my ignorance showing.
It’s a neat book, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it to read. If you know someone with the book just borrow it.