Destructed Denim




I find that Snowboarding is a great way to pass the time in the winter months, even if I’m not snowboarding. While I don’t go snowboarding nearly as often as I wish I could, that does not hinder the thought of it giving me an upbeat attitude when the winter months get me down.

Because when that wind kicks up, and the cold pierces my clothing to bite at my skin, my mind tends to drift off and imagine this great mountain that my friends and I are snowboarding on, sometimes real other times not, and find myself in this upbeat mood that helps me fend off the cold. And when I come back from this dream to reality, I grin and stare down the cold as if we are mortal enemy’s locked in an endless epic battle.

Which is why I had to have 686‘s Destructed Denim. They have this punk arrogance right in line with doing battle with winter that I enjoy about them, and if you were to call them out on being arrogant as a fault, you’d be wrong. While they are labeled “Jeans” and look extremely like distressed jeans, they are anything but. These Jeans are actually nylon snowboarding pants. Fully taped seams, 20g of polyfill insulation, the trademarked INFIDRY-15 meaning 15,000mm Waterproof / 10,000 Breathable ratings, these pants are not only going to keep you warm and dry but as long as the mercury is above 10°F  your in the comfort zone.

What was the final nail in the coffin for me was the cut of these Jeans. Unlike the other ghetto Jeans out there, which just aren’t my style, I prefer a regular fit, which is “Not too baggy, not too emo, but just right.”

Be sure to check out the Video 686 put together on these Jeans,
See ya on the slopes!