Torque Jeans



I’m a huge motorcycle junkie. Been riding since I was 12 years old, when I purchased my own Suzuki Dr100 with the cash I earned working that summer, and have been riding since. I have owned 6 others since then and as the title says I’m not talking about Motorcycles today. I’m talking specifically about my Motorcycle Jeans that I’m all upset about.
Now these Jeans, the Shift Racing Torque Jeans, are worlds beyond anything I have ever owned. Thick high quality fabric, great fit (for me at least), Kevlar lining, and a style of it’s own that I admire. I wear these Jeans chasing women at bars/club, running my daily errands, on my bike, basically everywhere. The other day I was walking downtown (Chicago), when that wind kicked up and I flinched at the coming cold, but to my surprise these Jeans don’t let the wind just cut right through the denim and as it turned out, I was toasty.
Thing is, the street portion of Shift Racing seemingly went out of business or something in early September this year. I cannot figure out what happened to them, but I would like to raise alarm that this was a great product and I’m upset to see it just disappear because I want to buy more. What I do know is that Fox Head owns Shift Racing and that is about it. I have been searching the webs for some form of  a ray of sunshine, but to dismay I have yet to find one. Over all, when I wear these Jeans I can feel the quality of them and definitely know that they vastly superior than the crap I had been buying.
I like these Jeans so much that I decided can’t be caught buying jeans ever again unless they matches the three pairs I got in quality, form, and function. Which I might have found said “match” with this company I just learned about, Sartso. When I look at the photos they seems to be very similar in design as to the jeans I got, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two companies were linked some how, but I have never seen or held Sartso’s product yet.
Anyway here’s to holding my breath for Sartso jeans being up to my expectations and to Shift Racing making a come back with these jeans, hopefully one of those statements will become true.