H3 Hummer


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Not long ago I wouldn’t have even considered typing this, but here I am typing. “I have decided that I want to sell my Jeep and get an H3 Hummer.” I’m eating so many words from when I was younger but it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, it feels good typing that. I think it has to do with me being interested in making the right choices with my life and moving on with my life.
I keep telling everyone that rock climbing has changed my life around for the better, but it really began with a visit to SF where I started to quit fighting something I hate dislike and made up my mind to change. It was a decision to change my life in a new direction and not look back.
I used to look at Hummers as an inferior vehicle for off-roading but now I think that they are not that bad… let me change that to pretty good. No, actually I think they’re great. Time has now turned the tables in Hummer’s favor but in the past, they had three major things wrong with them. First, they were being purchased for nothing more than a status symbol with absolutely no intention of using it for what it was designed for. Second, they were so pricey almost no one ever considers taking them off-road to see what they got, if anything at all. Lastly, they ride on independent suspension in the front which makes them go down the street great, but independent suspension scares Jeepers with all the traction loss when they see a tire completely come off the ground and rise into the air.
Now that we are in the year 2011, I can safely say no one is buying these things for status symbols, at least not like before, and the price of purchasing a Hummer has dropped significantly. Finally, that old Jeep fear of traction loss is really meaningless when you have full lockers… Think about it, “How much traction could that tire really be providing with nearly no weight on it?” I am willing to bet almost none. Thinking back, I remember reading what someone that I consider to be too hardcore for me at the time saying, “Once you get full lockers, a ton of flex really doesn’t matter anymore.” It made sense to me but I guess now I’m really going to put it to the test because I betting on it and I hope to prove to the world that H3’s are more cable-able than anyone previously thought.
Unlike last time though I plan to take my time with this build, except for some key parts because I fear they will not be purchasable in the not too distant future. With that, I end here saying I look forward to the writing the next post running down all the specs of an H3.