Dream Jeep: Part 2



A while back I mentioned a part that would be on my dream Jeep Wrangler 2006 LJ Rubicon, which is the Advance Adapter Rubicrawler and you can read that post here. To get on track with the next item in a list of items for my dream Jeep that I plan to update more frequently is from GenRight Off-Road. GenRight is know for their amazing fabrication skills with metal, specifically tig welding.

So what is this part I desire?

The  Hi-Fender Tube Kit – LJ from GenRight. This fender kit is the most important part of my Dream Jeep because I will not be putting a lift kit on my Jeep. Instead this kit allows me to run 35 inch tires on a factory TJ/LJ Jeep Wrangler 1996-2006 with no rubbing. Now if you did read my previous post you know that I decided on 37 inch tires, but fear not a simple 2″ Budget Boost will solve my problem. The beauty of this GenRight Hi-Fender Tube Kit is that I can retain factory suspension while still driving on these massive tires. Now I just said “factory suspension” and in attempt to get all of you on board with me here’s a list of things I will not have to worry about to get 37″ tires on my Jeep-

  1. Drive-Shaft Vibrations
  2. Lengthening and/or Shorting of Drive-Shafts
  3. Reduced Life on U-Joints from Extreme Angles
  4. Converting to Double Cardien Joints (But you know this only implies to non Rubicon edition Wranglers)
  5. Steering Alignment issues
  6. Caster Angle
  7. Transfer Case Drop Kits
  8. Bumper Steer
  9. Exhaust Modifications
  10. Sloppy Non-Responsive Steering
  11. Extended Brake lines
  12. etc.

Which is me just naming a few thing off the top of my Head.

But, The bread and butter don’t stop there, not yet. Unlike other Jeeps out there, my Dream Jeep will have an extremely low center of gravity (it doesn’t sit very high). Meaning when I drive down the off camber trails, this Jeep going to feel nice and secure, where others maybe worried about rolling their Jeep onto its side.

Finally, You may have not noticed it but the kit include the sliders that are in the two images above.
Look for next weeks post on what bumpers I have chosen.