JEEP Tiki Hunt!



The hunt is on to find three Jeep Tiki to win a brand new 2010 Jeep Wrangler Islander. The Three Tikis are named Steel, Trail, and Wave which I suspect their individual names are an indication to where they are hidden in the US. The Jeep Tiki Hunt contest started on April 1st and continues until all three Tiki are found. But in the mean time the date you need to remember is April 26, because that is when the Tikis will be hidden at there respective locations and at which time only 3 clues will be reviled. First three clues released so far are  Steel – People ride waves of a different kind in this area, Wave – Your Jeep, Wrangler Island will take you anywhere but skip this location if you are eremikophobic (afraid of being alone),  Trail – Snow or Sun, the people and Tiki love it here year around. Supposedly Jeep will be releasing more clues on there Facebook and Twitter pages.
So go on over and check out the official website of the Jeep Tiki Hunt at

So Good-Luck Hunting, and Have fun!