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Thanks for your interest in Semper Fi!

Thank you for your interest in the WordPress Theme “Semper Fi Lite.” I hope that you enjoy it and that I can continue to create these beautiful themes for years to come. But, if you could take a moment of your time and have you become acutely aware that I’m creating this Theme and other themes free of charge, and while I’m not looking to get Rich, I really like creating these themes for you guys. Which is why I offer additional customization of “Semper Fi Lite” when you support me and install the standard version, “Semper Fi.”

If you would like to support me and my theme just click the add to cart button above and complete the checkout process.

Thanks again,
Eric Schwarz

Customizing Semper Fi

More features exist in this theme than this old video shows.

How to Install

The WordPress Theme Semper Fi Lite files and folders in zip format can be downloaded by clicking on this link. The standard version of the Theme Semper Fi can only be downloaded after you have completed the checkout process. If you have any trouble obtaining the standard version after purchasing it, contact me using this form.

  1. Download Semper Fi in a zip format and leave it as is.
  2. In your admin panel go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes
  3. Select ‘ Upload’ from the top menu (It is right next to the ‘search’, ‘featured’, ‘newest’…)
  4. Browse your computer for or
  5. Click and Upload.
  6. Be sure to Click “Activate” if prompted.

Now, under your Appearance Tab, in the Themes directory you should now have your new theme under the name “Semper Fi” or “Semper Fi Lite.”


Semper Fi Theme Features Lite Standard
100% Responsive WordPress Theme ? ?
Clean and Beautiful Stylized HTML, CSS, JavaScript ? ?
Featured Images for Posts & Pages ? ?
Change the site Title and Slogan Colors ? ?
Google Analytics & Site Verification ? ?
Upload Your Own Background Image ? ?
Choose from 4 different Background Paper Images ? ?
Upload your own Background for the Paper Image ?
Multiple Menu Banner Images to Choose ? ?
Google Web Fonts for Title, Slogan, Post Title, and Content ? ?
Upload Your Own Custom Banner Image ? ?
Comments on Pages only, Posts only, Both, or None ? ?
Option to have dates on posts to not display. ? ?
Option for Social Icons in the menu. ? ?
Option for search bar in menu. ? ?
Upload Your Header Image ?
Upload Your Own Logo ?
Change the Link Colors in the Menu ?
Choose you own Hyper Link Color ?
Favicon to be Easily Implemented on Your Website ?
The Ability to use Custom Fonts from Typekit ?
Remove my Mark from the Footer with the click of one button, instead of digging through the code to remove it. ?
Personal Support on Technical Issues You May Run Into ?

Semper Fi Lite Version Information

1.9 Forgot a bit of code in the CSS that would just waste bandwidth.
1.7 Added code to the theme so that search engines can understand when a post was published. Brought back featured images into individual posts and pages, but you have to enable from the theme customizer. Dropped some code I thought I would use but never got around to it. Finally I fixed the google analytics, not sure what happened, but it is back along with adding site verification.
1.6 Fixed the issue where comments wouldn’t display.
1.5 Fixed an issue with comments, SEO plugins, and add complete control over commenting.
1.4 Minor fixes that show up in the header the theme options are blank.
1.3 Included Google Web Fonts for the Title, Slogan, Menu, Post Title, and Content. I also cleaned up the “Theme Customizer” menu so that it makes more sense.
.9 Just a mix up in the code that would cause some errors in version .8
.8 Decided to rewrite the theme over again, completely from scratch, after having an amazing thought. The responsive website movement is because the vast number of different size resolutions of screen that we view the content. This amazing thought came to me that I could base everything off of em, which is the average width of one letter on your screen. Unlike using pixels to decide how the website displays where you have no idea what the end users font size is, using em give you a relatively good idea. Doing it this way I have optimized the readability of website based on how the user want to view the website. I also cleaned some code up to lighten the load on browsers and bring a more unified experience whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
.7 Small update to add in a new feature and rewrite some of the code. The new feature allows for someone to choose from 4 different choices for the white background that looks like paper. This feature is located under the “Background” tab on the “Theme Customizer Page.” As for the rewrite of the code, I decided to have the Style.CSS file leave partially unfinished and have the default choice, or the choices currently chosen, finish the file Style.CSS with the missing code in the Header of the page. By choosing to leave the code out, browsers such as in firefox, chrome, IE, etc. will only see the CSS code once and won’t have to write over and duplicate entries. Basically it keeps things lighter and cleaner.
.6 Quick update to add some more features to the theme along with a better “Theme Information” page. It is now possible to choose one of three different banners on the Theme Customizer page. I plan to add even more choices in the future for the banner, and on a side note you can upload you own with Semper Fi. Added in the ablity to easily change the color on Site Title and also the Site Slogan on the Theme Customizer page too. I have removed the file “theme-options.php” from the theme and the that was in there has been move to the file “functions.php” which is in the same folder. Finally the javascript file “background-size-preview.js” which handled the background changing on the Theme Customizer has been rename to “customizer.js” becuase it makes more sense since adding a bunch of code.
.5 Initial Release

Semper Fi Version Information

7 Same stuff as in 1.7 Semper Fi Lite, but special stuff for you guys soon.
6 Same stuff as in 1.5 Semper Fi Lite.
5 I have add the option to Upload a Header Image, a Banner Logo, Just the menu at the top or bottom, Google Web Fonts, orgainzed the “Theme Customizer Menu,” adjust the margin from the top of the page to content, and fixed a bunch errors & issues. I wasn’t able to have the sidebar make it into this update, but will be in the next update coming soon.
4 Semper Fi, the standard version received a similar update to “Lite” in .9 including the same new features and small rewrite of some code. Theres no real difference between the two except for the additional features.
3 Semper Fi, the standard version received a similar update to “Lite” in .7 including the same new features and small rewrite of some code. It too now includes 4 different choices for the white background that looks like paper, but unlike “Lite” the standard version of Semper Fi allows you upload your own image also. Semper Fi also had the same rewrite of code so that the code basically leaves Style.CSS uncomplete and has the final bit of code added in the header based on either the default choices, or the ones currently chosen in Theme Customizer. All in all the point is to reduce the footprint of code, and the possibility of downloading unnecessary content.
2 This is the first update after the initial release of the “Lite” version of “Semper Fi” and includes a bunch of changes for the better. Both “Semper Fi” and “Semper Fi Lite” now use Theme Customizer instead of Theme Options to customize the page, allowing for the administrator to visually see the changes to the website before the changes take effect in real time. I have included all the promised functionality into the theme with this update, except for a custom logo which will be in future update. Which means you can change the color on the Links, Menu, Title, and Slogan for now, and more in the future. This update also includes the ablitiy to choose from the three standard options for the banner, but unquie to the Semper Fi you can upload your own image for the banner, where as you can’t in Lite. Finally, with this update I have added in the ablity for you quickly remove the footer that says “Good Old Fasioned Hand Written Code by Eric J. Schwarz” from the theme.
1.1 The initial release.

About Semper Fi

Thank you for using my theme “Semper Fi” because without you I wouldn’t be able to make these beautiful themes for WordPress. I dedicate this theme to my Grandfather, Eldon Schwarz, for his strength and courage in WWII. He is the sole survivor of the crew aboard the B17 Flying Fortress #44-6349, of the 483rd Bombardment Group, in the 840th Bomb Squadron and a prisoner of war from August 7, 1943 – November 5, 1945. I miss you Grandpa.

This theme began with me reading a newspaper from May 8, 1945. Just holding it I could sense that a lot time and planning went into simple things like font, layout, and especially choosing the paper’s material. I marveled at the quality that clearly went into this paper. Even with how old the newspaper was, it makes modern newspapers just seem like a mere shadow of themselves clinging to their former glory.

Because of that I decided that I had to create a theme that feels like a newspaper, rich with details and fine quality. From hidden luxurious floral patterns, images that create the nostalgia of finely crafted paper, to incredibly detailed shadowing, but most importantly, the ability to respond to any width screen. “Semper Fi” is a completely flexible theme able to stretch from 300 pixels wide, all the way to 1920 and beyond. Images, galleries, quotes, text, titles, they all move fluidly to respond to any thing you through at it.


  • myranoel says:

    Does the paid version give the option of making the text (especially headers) smaller without digging into CSS?

    My husband loves this theme, but it’s so big that some of our necessary stuff in widgets doesn’t display because it’s just too big (and the overall look is a little too large and bold for my taste.) We’re trying to find that happy balance. Thank you for your work on this. It’s awesome. If the paid version works for our site, I will most definitely pay the price.

  • james says:

    I really love this theme! It’s so customizable with so little coding effort. Well organized and I’m doing really fun stuff with it! I have a quick question… Is there a way to get a list of all of the fonts available for it?

  • Kelley says:

    I love the look of Semper Fi lite, and would upgrade to Semper Fi just to support you. But… I really want a sidebar. I have some affiliate ads on my site, and they look messy within the text. I also want a grandchild menu option. Two levels aren’t enough for what I’m doing. Are those things available with the upgrade?

  • Alex says:


    I’ve bought long time ago your theme and it’s really a good one. But i have an issue. Social Icon like facebook one don’t works correctly on Safari.

    Do you know why exactly ?

  • Sergio says:

    Hi, this Theme is amaizing, but i have a little issue in the last actualization….the social icons have dissapeared….any sugesstion?

  • Weldon says:

    Love the theme. I’m looking to do three things: modify the title so that it is not all caps, add a LinkedIn icon button and change the opacity of the page so that it is more translucent. I’m very new at this. How do I do it?


  • I’d like to center the page titles at the top of each page. any suggestions?

  • Chris says:

    Hi Schwarttzy, great theme but as is usually the case, I’d like to tweak it ever so slightly. I’m using Semper Fi Lite and have a couple of questions. How do I remove the Page Titles? (such as Home and Contact Us). I notice someone else asked this, but I can’t see that they got an answer. Unlikely, but is there I can put the slanted header writing from the adventure theme onto Semper Fi Lite, love that effect, but Semper Fi works better for what I’m after. Keep up the quality work.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Hey Chris,

      I think you have fixed the issue with the”Home” and “Contact Us” since I can’t seem to find it. As for adding the slanted slogan you just need to add this bit of code any CSS file but I recommend using the plugin Jetpack’s “Edit CSS” feature to do this. This code will work for now, but not in the next update.

      #header h1 i {

      Where as this code will work for the next version.

      .header h1 i {

      Send me an email if you have trouble.

  • Myke says:

    I am having issues adding an email newsletter widget on the bottom. I have tried a couple of different ones but they will not display.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Hey Myke,

      I see the one your currently using and the issue. Contact me using my Contact Form with a temporary user name and password to your website and I’ll add some custom CSS just for you. Then if you could do me a favor, consider purchasing the upgrade to this theme. I would be very appreciative if you did because this issue is on the plugin developer but I can fix it just as easy.

      Thanks for using my theme!

  • Ron Pickett says:

    Hey Schwarttzy, Great stuff. i have one miner problem; my social sharing icons are not working. They’re not highlighting or allowing me to click on them… I’m using Semper Fi lite.

  • cheffykandca says:

    I really like this theme and am considering the full version, but “The Events Calendar” plug-in breaks the page and is totally unreadable. Is there a fix for that? Or do you know of a Facebook Event Calendar plug-in that is compatible with this theme? Nice work, BTW!

  • tracey says:

    Artistry! This is what I have been searching for. Is it possible to change the header color and adjust the opacity as well? I am a complete newbie to HTML, CSS and blogging but I am trying. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing your art!

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I have few different options that you can choose from for the header color and in the premium version of the theme you can upload any image of you desire to replace the header with.

  • Phil says:

    I really like this Theme. It fits my needs great. The only thing i really want to change / edit is that it shows more than only 10 Posts! I have 3 rows with 3 entries, then 1 row with only one entry shown. The other are under older posts. Can i change this? 15 would be nice or 18! Thanks for the Theme, great Job!

  • Simon East says:


    Is there any way to remove the page title from pages, particularly the home page? I’ve tried various plugins, but they just replace the page title with the text “No title”.

    Hope you can help,



    • Schwarttzy says:

      Which title are you talking about? The one in the menu or in the page?

      • Simon East says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I’m talking about the page title (i.e. the “Home” on the home page). There are various plugins that will remove the page title from specific pages, but they don’t seem to work with this theme…

        Also wondering how the CSS for each of the text styles can be changed. Is it the Google fonts thing that makes this harder than normal?

        Thank you!

  • Heather says:

    Hello, I was considering buying the paid for version, but I had a few questions. For some reason the three pictures on the opening page, one of them is shorter then the others, no matter what picture I use? also I want a Pinterest button at the top like the facebook/youtube buttons. Does that come with the paid version? Is there a way to create a button link for the homepage?

    • Heather says:

      Ok… I guess you don’t check this often.

    • Schwarttzy says:


      The image is too small, you need a bigger image for WordPress to crop the photo to the appropriate dimensions. I’m surprised to find out the the Pinterest isn’t in the free version, I just check to the code for the premium and the code is there. In the a future update the free version will have it. If you create a custom menu you can create a custom link and name it home and then setup the URL.

  • tayo650002013 says:

    I’m somewhat new to WordPress and while browsing through the themes came across Sempre Fi Lite. Fantastic theme. I found one problem, however. The All-In-One Event Calendar plugin breaks the facebook icon in the header, leaving only a small rectangle. Any idea why or what I can possibly do about this?

  • Darwin says:

    Hi, I was just trying out your Semper Fi theme — it’s nice looking, and very customizable. But from the test posts, it seems it doesn’t display full titles on the homepage — it truncates them at about 25 characters. Is that normal? Or am I missing something? Otherwise, a nice piece of work.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The title aren’t shorten, the whole text is there. However the CSS styling will only display as many words it can fit on that line. So, Computers see the whole title, but users may not.

      • danieljames says:

        I’ll purchase the full version if there’s a workaround for this. It’s really my only issue with the Lite, other than some things justifying left most of the time when they’d look nicer centered or to the right. I’m on a Mac using Chrome.

  • I installed the Lite version to play around with it. I expected my customer header image to go up above the menu, where the text currently is, but instead it ended up at the top of the box that sits below the menu. Can I get a header image to replace the text above the menu? I really want it up at the very top of the screen.

    Secondly, my widgets are not on the right where I want them — they’re down under the text on the home page. Not sure why–is this an issue with the actual page, you think? Thank you. Looks awesome BTW

    • Schwarttzy says:


      Because of the way I made the theme, the header image is where it is, I do offer more options with the premium version that are just what you’re looking for. The widgets are where they, content is king and because of such I wrote the theme that way. I have been looking into putting a sidebar into the theme but I keep having problems because of the way I wrote the code.

  • Dave says:

    I love the look of this theme. Is there a way to get multiple ads on it?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Thanks for the complement! I really wouldn’t know about getting ads into the theme, simply because I’ve never tried.

      • Dave says:

        No worries. Let me know if you ever try. If you do I’d purchase the standard theme. Also, I noticed it doesn’t show some of the full titles for posts on the front page. Is there a way to fix that. Thanks again.

  • Pin says:

    Thank you for the Semper Fi template! I really like it.

  • Terrye Kinch says:

    Ok, after looking around a bit, I found a thing that says “your theme only supports one menu”. This is disappointing as I need several. Guess I figured if I bought the regular version it would be like your page with the several menus that actually work. Guess I don’t need to wait (and wait) for you to help me with this, I’ll have to look for something else.

  • kayewood says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, Eric. I pasted in the transaction code. Still can’t find the place to upload my own paper image, this one’s not a big deal, but I can’t figure out the menus. I’ve tried it in both Firefox and IE

  • Terrye Kinch says:

    Also, how do I upload my own paper image?

  • Terrye Kinch says:

    Downloaded the paid version last night and started playing with it. Can’t figure out the menus. I want to have the menu links like yours, but at the bottom. I can’t get them to show up in the banner, no matter what I check, uncheck, input….

  • iepolitics2010 says:

    I am working on creating about a dozen sites simultaneously and I just downloaded the Semper Fi Lite for one of them. I really love it. I am thinking of upgrading to the full them. Can you answer a few questions first. Here is the site First, the dates on the three stories–is there a way to change them so that they are grammatically correct, i.e., Apr. 11, not Apr. 11th. Second, for this particular site I was hoping to post music videos and photo galleries from time to time. That doesn’t seem conducive or are there features I am not currently using? And finally, I would like more control on how the footer text is displayed–perhaps bulleted recent entries and recent comments–something so each entry stand out. Other than trying to mess with the CSS, is that possible with the full version? I still need to add a lot of content before I decide for sure, but I think for less than an hour’s work, I got a pretty decent site going. You’re theme is definitely one of the easiest to use.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The next update with have bunch of options for changing the date. Posting music videos and photos galleries will work just fine, they just won’t show on the home page. I have plans for give options for messing with the footer but these features are a ways out right now.

      Don’t hesitate to ask me about a question, comment, or idea of yours.

  • spookyzoo says:

    hi…cool theme. I installed the lite, couldn’t find the standard?

    My question, as a bit of newbie, how do I get the categories underneath the main header to remain at top of the screen when scrolling down? I saw it featured on your own site.

    Thanks :)

  • coreyredekop says:

    I installed Semper Fi, but all I can see on my website is now the helicopter image. When I go into Theme Customizer, It doesn’t show me my website, only a white page. Can you help?

  • M. Lang says:

    I like the theme very much; it works very well with the Winston Churchill / WWII subject matter of my site.

    But when I recently updated to the latest version of the theme two things happened: the distinctive header font changed (now it’s different in different browsers), and a large (empty) image box was inserted on the top of the pages. Guess I should have worked with a Child Theme instead of modifying the original, but I am still relatively new to the WordPress interface. Any guidance on how to fix these issues?

    Thank you,
    M. Lang

  • Jason McCann says:

    Just had to say I ADORE this semper fi theme and plan to pay for the full version on Friday. It’s really amazing. I like the way the comments look especially when using gravatar icons. I also really like the way lists and quotes look. It’s just a really cool theme and you really defied the “wordpressishness” that most themes have.

  • Rich Daley says:


    I am puchasing your Semper Fi WordPress theme. My girlfriend is also using this theme and loves it, but said you were able to install it for her (Madaline Spinks We’re both pretty unknowledgeable of the backend system haha. Could you possibly do the same for me if I give you my login and password? I would really really appreciate it.

  • mahailia says:

    Hi there! im wondering if you can help me im trying to customise the theme to create a self hosteed page. I want to change the font colour and style…how would i do that?

  • EDM says:

    I love the theme. I mean, really love it. There’s one, huge, problem. The problem is, the images on the main page are shrunken down, full-size images and not the thumbnail or medium size. This leads to a huge, multi-megabyte front page. Can you fix this issue? I think it would be much better to use the thumbnail of the featured image. Would not take forever to load the page. The way the theme works now, I can’t use it. If you switch it to the main page using the thumbanils for the preview, you could recommend in media settings from the admin panel what size to set the thumbnails.

    I look forward to your reply.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      You can’t be saving the featured image properly then, because if you go to my front page, the biggest image file is 200kb. Are you using the “Set as Feature Image” from within the website? The biggest the image should be in dimension is 610 wide by 355 pixels tall, not exactly a bandwidth intensive image. Also could you link to the website where you experiencing the problem?

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