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I like to build websites, specializing in handwritten WordPress Themes. I also sell custom off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. I’m also a Professional Skydiver. Literally jumping out of airplanes for money. Although, I will mostly just “Hauling Meat” out the door. Anyway, Skydiving, tthe H3 Hummer, and WordPress is pretty much what this website is about.

H3 Hummer Parts

It all began with a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I modified to fit 31-inch tires. After that, it was quickly all downhill after that and built an off-road beast. I enjoyed that Grand Cherokee, but with time I had the spec sheet of an H3 Hummer. My H3 will never perform off-road as well as that Jeep. But that Jeep will never ride as nice as the Hummer. I sold the Jeep, purchased the H3 Hummer, and needed some basic parts for the trails. I started off with a set of rock sliders (rocker panel protection) and then just kept designing the next part I wanted.

Currently, I have a few projects I’m working on. I have a bolt-on light bar that I’m nearly finished designing and testing. I have a simple CB Antenna bracket ready for sale and should be spotting it up soon. I got some over-kill heavy-duty tie-rods that I need to test. Then there is the CB / Hi-Lift / Shovel / Bottle Opener custom adjustable height tire carrier I’m working on. Also, I have this lockable drawer sliding toolbox I’ve been thinking about.

Website Designer / Developer

Sometimes I specialize as a WordPress Theme developer. There are free themes on that I’ve written and also a premium plugin to add extra features. Everything is written from scratch and ran on GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers running Centos 7, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7. I completely avoid using JavaScript. Using HTML5 & CSS3 tricks to their full potential. So as the client can manage their own website without any help. Comparatively, managing the website is as easy as Microsoft Office.

Need a website? Please contact me using the form on this page.


I like to jump out of “Perfectly Good Airplanes.” Mainly, I’m taking people of their first skydive but I also get to fun jump too. I have an AFFI rating so I can teach students how to skydive and sign-off on the A-license requirements. Shooting professional outside video for tandem students is a lot of fun too. Flying in front of a tandem student, watching their face light excitement, having them grab my ankles and spinning them around, high-fiving, playing rock paper scissors is my favorite, and all while falling at 120mph is fun.

However, there is more to Skydiving than making money and the videos below are fun jumping from my point only.


Last Chance Canyon

Last Chance Canyon is a canyon in the El Paso Mountains near Johannesburg, California. The canyon runs from Saltdale in the south to Black Mountain in the north; part of it lies within Red Rock Canyon State Park. The canyon includes a variety of archaeological sites, including pictographs, villages, rock shelters, mills, and quarries. Historic sites such as gold mining camps are also located in the canyon. The canyon is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and is open for recreational use. Hiking, camping, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are permitted in most parts of the canyon. The canyon Continue Reading

Working on that code

I’ve been hard at work for the last few months or so on how to introduce a new direction with website menus. Touch screen devices are every where, even my laptop has it, and I want to develop a menu that didn’t leave behind the old mouse and keyboard. This has been difficult for me to figure out a solution that I felt like it really worked. This is why development on my themes has tapered off lately. Been stuck on, “How” to include both devices and make it look good. I saw other websites get close to what I Continue Reading

H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount

Getting a winch on my H3 Hummer has been a goal for a while now. Originally I was going to use Defelice’s winch mount but chose a different path nearly a year ago. Over that time period, I’ve developed my own winch mount that hides inside the factory bumper. What I like most about my design, will be the difficulty recognizing it wasn’t made by Hummer. Currently, I’m on my third version of the design and hope to have the fourth version be production-ready. The H3 Hummer winch mount is laser cut from 3/8” inch steel to ensure that the Continue Reading

Truckhaven Hills

Three miles west of Salton City California is the 4×4 Training Area called Truckhaven Hills. I wouldn’t describe Truckhaven as either a park or a trail, but instead as a play ground. The obstacles for your vehicle to climb over tend to be man made from things such as logs, giant tires, concrete, and boulders. Having just spent an hour watching video’s on YouTube really say that the place looks amazing, and check out this video at the grand opening 2011. Something I haven’t really seen any where else is the labeling of the obstacles like Ski Hills explaining the Continue Reading

Wharton State Forest

The east coast doesn’t have much when it comes to 4×4 trails and park, but it seems that New Jersey has a place of it’s own called, “Wharton State Forest.” While the trails are pretty much as easy as it can get and you might get surprised at what you see driving around back there. I find that the best part might be that it doesn’t have any fees or registration required to drive on the trails. (You know what I mean by that if you have ever been to Attica, Indiana at 9AM.) Your not going to find any Continue Reading

H3 Crash Testing

I happened upon some great video of the H3 Hummer getting it’s IIHS Rating and thought these two videos were to good to pass up.  However, now I’m a bit worried that the IIHS doesn’t quite have the grasp on their job as I once thought. Any true vehicle enthusiast knows the exact motor the vehicle has in it, especially if it’s something weird, but apparently IIHS doesn’t. They have the H3 Hummer listed as an 3.7L V6, when clearly the motor is actually an inline 5-cylinder motor. The tests are only done on 2008+ H3 Hummer models, and you Continue Reading

Black Bear Pass

One of the more infamous trails in Colorado is officially called “Forest Service Road 648,” but most know it as Black Bear Pass. The popularity of this trail stems from the beautiful views that require the driver to have nerves of steel. Black Bear Pass is a seasonal road and generally opens late July and closes in early fall. The Black Bear Road reaches a altitude of 12,840 feet at the highest point after which point the trail descend 4,000 feet into the town of Telluride Colorado. Be sure to keep an eye out for the sign famous for it’s Continue Reading

Jungo Road, Nevada

Relatively soon, I will be headed to Black Rock City out in Nevada to attend the 2013 Burning Man, Cargo Cult. During Burning Man, Black Rock City becomes Nevada’s third-largest city for the week that the event is held. To get there most take State Route 447, but I take a shortcut to get there. Which just so happens to be off-road. If you’re driving from the east to get to Burning Man, I highly recommend taking Jungo Road (State Route 49). I was able to shave 4 hours of my driving time, with the way I drove getting there. Continue Reading

Superlift ORV Park

In the 1970s, off-road enthusiast around Hot Spring Arkansas began exploring the logging roads in the area, forming an impressive network of trails. Then in 1999, the landowners closed the off-road trails down so that they could put the land up for sale. A couple of years later, a group of businessmen bought the land to create the off-road destination Superlift ORV Park. The trail grades begin with completely stock vehicles with four-wheel drive, all the way up to trails that require 36+ inch tires, front and rear lockers, and the expectation of body damage. Superlift ORV Park has hill Continue Reading

Canyons Off Road Park

North of Fredericksburg, in Texas hill country, is Canyons Off-Road Park. The concept of this park began with two rock crawling enthusiast when they realized that their favorite local places to off-road at were being closed down. They decided to open up their own park and the rest is history. This park is only open during the hours Friday at 3 P.M. till Sunday at 3 P.M. Canyons ORV park is geared toward 4×4 rigs and ridiculous climbs, but has things to do for mildly modified vehicles too. Have a look at youtube for bunch of videos of the park Continue Reading