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Slide over rocks and through the mud without getting stuck, with 1/4 inch thick skid plates extending the H3 Hummer Under Body Protection 4′ x 2′, completely protecting the transmission and transfer case from damage. The skid plates come painted black, and with to brackets for mounting. Huge, flat, and smooth, these skid plates truly shine in the deep mud or snow helping you to easily slide on down the trail, when the 35″ tire just can’t quite reach the ground.

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  1. Not all of the factory gas tank skid plates bolts need to be removed.
  2. The rearward skid plate, or “Transfer Case Skid Plate” goes between the gas tank and the gas tank skid plate.
  3. Before removing any bolt, apply plenty of PB Blaster before removing. Especially, the factory gas tank skid plate bolts. I didn’t, and I sheered the head off one of those bolts making this a much bigger project than it needed to be.
  4. Apply Anti-Size to each and every bolt before starting to thread it in. I didn’t do this and had to angle grind the head of a couple bolts off which destroy a skid plate set in the process.
  5. A day or two prior to installation, spraying down the factory skid plate bolts with PB Blaster. Specifically, the gas tank skid plate bolts. Do what it takes to get PB Blaster on those threads.
  6. Start by dropping the factory differential skid plate and transfer case skid plate. They’re the color black and made of steel.
  7. Very carefully and slowly back out only the front half gas tank skid plate bolts. I recommend only backing them out 1-3 complete turns at a time. Apply some PB Blaster. Ratchet those bolts back in all the way. Repeat this process, slow going further each and every time.
  8. Now we need to the bolt up the “Transmission Skid Plate” and “Transfer Case Skid Plate” using the factory bolt that on the H3 Hummer so that we can find three holes to drill out. I recommend using a car jack to help support one skid plate at a time in the air while starting threading the factory bolts. It helps to not ratchet the factory bolt all the way down until all 5 of the factory bolts are threaded in at least 4 complete turns.
  9. Once the “Transmission Skid Plate” and “Transfer Case Skid Plate” are aligned correctly and bolted tightly to the frame using the factory bolts you’ll have two bolt holes that need to be drilled out with the “1/2 Inch Drill Bit” on the driver side transmission cross member. Send me an email with pictures if you not sure. These two bolts holes tie the “Transmission Skid Plate” and “Transfer Case Skid Plate” together. There is also a third bolt hole that needs to be drilled out in the rear on the passenger side.
  10. The “Transfer Case Skid Plate” needs to be bent slightly up using a car jack so that it is sitting tight against the frame before drilling.
  11. With the “1/2 Inch Drill Bit” and a “Screw / Drill Gun” drill those holes out using the skid plates as guides so that the perfect hole is drilled out.
  12. Once the holes are drilled out, carefully remove the “Transmission Skid Plate”. I recommend using the car jack so the “Transmission Skid Plate” doesn’t come slamming down.
  13. Fish the “Transmission & Transfer Case Tie together Bolt Plate” inside the transmission frame so that it lines up with those fresh two bolt holes that are right next to each other.
  14. Thread only 4-5 complete turns of a “3/8 Inch Hex Flange Bolt” through the bolt hole on the driver side “Transfer Case Skid Plate” and also the factory differential skid plate. This is so the “3/8 Inch Hex Flange Bolt” can be used to swing the “Transmission & Transfer Case Tie together Bolt Plate” back n’ forth to line it up.
  15. It’s time to put the “Transfer Case Skid Plate” and also the factory differential skid plate back on for final installation. The “Transfer Case Skid Plate” is sandwiched between the differential frame rail and the factory differential skid plate.
  16. Loosely bolt the “Transmission Skid Plate” and the factory differential skid plate back up, until you get the 5 factory bolt in and also a second “3/8 Inch Hex Flange Bolt”. Leave the bolts just loose enough to be able to slightly adjusted skid plates side to side. Otherwise, it can become difficult finish threading all the other bolts that hold up the skid plates.
  17. Feed the “Solid Welding Wire” through the tiny hole in the “Transfer Case Rearward Bolt Plate” and twist it on to its self so you have a leash. This is how to move the “Transfer Case Rearward Bolt Plate” into position and also not lose the “Transfer Case Rearward Bolt Plate” in the frame rail.
  18. This is the hard part, using the “Solid Welding Wire” carefully get the “Transfer Case Rearward Bolt Plate” aligned over the final hole that was drilled out. A small punch with help with final alignment. Get that “3/8 Inch Hex Flange Bolt” threaded in and your on the home stretch. Tuck that excess “Solid Welding Wire” up into the frame so that you can pull the “Transfer Case Rearward Bolt Plate” out if needed
  19. Finally, tighten all the bolts down approximately 30-40 ft./lb of torque. Then go through and double check every bolt once again for the proper amount of torque.

I’m definitely not a great writer. If you’re having trouble understanding the installation steps, send an email so that I can fix my mistakes.

H3 Hummer

Valve Stem Tire Caps
H3 Hummer factory valve stem tire caps with seal gasket

Pack of 5 OEM H3 & H3T Valve Stem Tire Caps with rubber gasket

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Skid Plates, Under Body Protection

1/4 inch thick and 4' x 2' long skid plates to protect the H3 Hummer under body

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OnStar Microphone Adapter

An adapter that makes it easy to connect the Factory OnStar Microphone to an aftermarket Radio

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Modular Tire Carrier

Adjust the spare tire height from 31-inches to 39-inches, pre-cut holes for mounting. Future Hi-lift, CB-antenna, shovel, Jerry Can, and bottle opener brackets in development.

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Light Bar Bracket

Simple bolt-on light bar bracket for the H3 Hummer.

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HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

An exact replacement for burnt out OEM HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs, five to a pack.

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H3 Hummer Rock Sliders

Heavy-duty rocker panel protection for the serious off-road enthusiast.

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H3 Hummer High Clearance Leaf Spring Bolt Plate

Gain higher ground clearance with this stronger bracket that relocates the factory shock to a safer location.

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H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount

Mount an 8,000lb or bigger winch inside the factory H3 Hummer bumper. Synthetic rope recommended.

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H3 Backup Camera Mount

A simple mounting bracket for hiding a backup camera inside the factory tire.

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Extended Leaf Spring Shackles

Lift the rear suspension 1 1/2 inches, matches a front torsion bar crank perfectly.

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The Spartan Chin

Non-destructive easy-to-install camera mounts for the G3 Cookie Helmet with packing tool.

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Mini Packing Tool

A convenient packing tool for closing skydiving containers. Fits nicely inside the pocket on the reserve side ring cover.

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Happy Birthday Mario Boogie

Guess who's Birthday Boogie it is! MARIO's!

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Bonehead Camera Mount

Camera mount for the Bonehead Composites Aero skydiving helmet

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WordPress Theme Semper Fi

An opensource WordPress theme that can be used on your website.

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WordPress Theme Adventure

WordPress Theme that tries to persuade the user that they're not sitting behind a computer.

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