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Hey I’m Eric Schwarz and this is my website that I designed. I like to build websites, specializing in handwritten WordPress Themes. I also sell custom off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. I’m also a  Professional Skydiver. I literally get paid to jump out of airplanes. Although, I will probably refer to it jokingly as “Hauling Meat.” Anyway, Skydiving, H3 Hummer, and WordPress is pretty much what this website is about.

H3 Hummer Parts

My passion for going off-road began with a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I quickly lost control and built an off-road beast. I enjoyed that Grand Cherokee, but with time I realized I had the spec sheet of an H3 Hummer. Although my H3 will probably never perform off-road as well as that Jeep. But that Jeep will never drive on-road as well as my Hummer. I sold that Jeep, purchased the H3 Hummer but I needed some basic parts so I could hit the trails. I started off by making a set of rock sliders (rocker panel protection) for the H3 and then just kept designing the next part I wanted.

Currently, I have a few projects I’m working on. I have a bolt-on light bar that I’m nearly finished designing and testing. I should have a simple CB Antenna bracket within the month for sale. I got some over-kill heavy-duty tie-rods that I need to test. Then there is the CB / Hi-Lift / Shovel / Bottle Opener custom adjustable height tire carrier I’m working on. Also, I have this lockable drawer sliding toolbox I’m working on.

Website Designer / Developer

I specialize as a WordPress Theme developer, I give away my themes for free on and also have a premium plugin to enhance those themes. I build everything from scratch and ground up using a GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers running Centos 7, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7. I completely avoid using JavaScript and instead rely on HTML5 & CSS3 tricks. Basically, I make websites where the goal is for the client to manage their own website without me and with little to no knowledge about the website. A website that I’ve built is just as easy as using Microsoft Office is.

Need a website? Please contact me using the form on this page.


I like to jump out of “Perfectly Good Airplanes.” The ratings I have through the United States Parachute Association and United Parachute Technologies allows me to haul meat out of an airplane for cash. I have an AFFI rating too. Having an AFFI rating so I can teach students how to skydive, take them on their first skydive with their own parachute, and sign-off on the requirements for their A-license. However, my true passion has become shooting outside video for tandem students. It is so much fun to get fly in front of someone on their first skydive. Seeing their face light up when I have them grab my ankles so I can spin them around, high-fiving and fist-pounding at 120mph, and playing rock paper scissors is my favorite.

However, there is more to Skydiving than making money and the videos below are fun jumping from my point only.


H3 Upgraded Battery

Next time the battery in an H3 Hummer dies, I recommend getting the Optima Battery 8022-091 75/25 Red Top or 8042-218 D75/25 Yellow Top instead of a factory replacement. Although, the Optima D75/25 is much bigger than the factory battery and will not fit inside that plastic box… I think to myself “Do I really need that battery box?” Personally, I think that plastic box is just there to add a distraction from how small the battery is and the non-GM labeling of the battery. I ditched that H3 Hummer plastic box that was hiding the small battery and dropped in Continue Reading

Leaky Sunroof

A few months ago I fixed an issue where the sunroof on my H3 Hummer wouldn’t properly drain the water. This makes for a spectacular surprise after every single heavy rainfall. The problem was from going off-road with the Hummer and flinging mud and debris everywhere with the sunroof wide open. By design, all sunroofs leak which is why they have tubes to drain the water. If the mud and debris are forgotten about and never cleaned out, it tends to get jammed in the tubes. Once the H3 Hummer sunroof tubes are clogged, the water has no way drain Continue Reading

H3 Hummer PCM Programming

After some research using the internet on PCM’s and Tuning, I found out that I don’t have the latest tune / reflash from GM for my H3’s 2006 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 cylinder engine. I was able to check my vehicle by using a simple OBDII sensor I have and cross-referencing numbers using TIS website by entering the VIN number. I compared the tune number from my previous post P0455 & P0442 ECU Fault Log H3 Hummer where the Vehicle Calibration ID on my vehicle as 12606370. The tune 12606370‘s description mentions that it is for “New software Continue Reading

Burnt Out HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

About year ago in my dashboard a light bulb for controlling the vents went out on my H3 Hummer, making it difficult to see which setting I had the ventilation on. A few months later, I had two light bulbs that didn’t illuminate on my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Control Panel which began to make choosing the setting on the instrument panel difficult at night. I called up GM about getting it fixed but all they want to do is completely replace the GM Part No. 15840354 CONTROL, A/C Instrument Panel, or with the part ACDelco 15-73909 GM Continue Reading

Blu-ray to MKV (MP4) Using Handbrake

In my opinion, the movie corporation needs to wake up to the 21st century and realize that formats like DVDs and Blu-rays are dead. When it comes to Google Play and iTunes the prices these companies charge for movies is bloated at best in my opinion. I can compress Blu-rays down to 1.6GB on average with a nearly unnoticeable quality loss. As far as I’m concerned, there is no reason not to compress data. As a proof in point, the newer HBO series Silicon Valley is a company that has some extremely good compression logarithm. My final point that they Continue Reading

130,000 Miles

Just the other day, while driving back from a weekend of packing parachutes at Skydive Alabama, my H3 Hummer crossed over the 130,000 mileage mark on the odometer. I think that my H3 has entered it’s proving grounds now. This mileage period from now on shows how well built the vehicle really is. With a goal of 250,000 on the odometer, I want to reflect back on the vehicle’s performance so far. While I wish I had more power from the engine, however the 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 has never let me down in all those miles. The Continue Reading

P0455 & P0442 ECU Fault Log H3 Hummer

About a year ago my ECU light came on in my H3 Hummer, noticeably after some fun off-road. I grab my cheap Chinese OBD-II to Blue Tooth scanner from eBay and open the Android application “Torque“. The scanner had no problem grabbing the code and I was able to see the error report in the computer. Fault log report generated by Torque for Android —————— Vehicle VIN: 5GTDN136X68227871 Vehicle Manufacturer: Unknown Vehicle Calibration ID: 12606370 12601134 1260 Current Fault Log —————— P0455: Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (gross leak, check fuel cap, piping etc) P0442: Evaporative Emission Control System Continue Reading

Updates & WooCommerce

In with the new, and out with the old. I’m dumping my old shopping cart software in favor of the more popular WooCommerce. If you’re interested in why, well I have my reasons. I’m theme developer, and I don’t need some shopping cart software attempting to do what I can do better. I would rather the shopping cart software use as many of the well polished built in WordPress features, instead of reinventing the wheel. Some other odds and ends also bothered me too. However those details are rather boring to explain. I’d like to make things fun for you Continue Reading

Under Construction

Just about to finish up with all the new code for my WordPress Theme Semper Fi version 16. Completely rewritten from the ground up with better code to meet the new standards in HTML5 & CSS3. The main reason for all of this new code was to be able to rapidly create new options in the Theme Customizer. I also want to include a option for a Slider, which is just for now on the home page. Later I plan to be able to make custom sliders for pages or posts. This slider is unique because it requires no JavaScript Continue Reading

Last Chance Canyon

Last Chance Canyon is a canyon in the El Paso Mountains near Johannesburg, California. The canyon runs from Saltdale in the south to Black Mountain in the north; part of it lies within Red Rock Canyon State Park. The canyon includes a variety of archaeological sites, including pictographs, villages, rock shelters, mills, and quarries. Historic sites such as gold mining camps are also located in the canyon. The canyon is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and is open for recreational use. Hiking, camping, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are permitted in most parts of the canyon. The canyon Continue Reading