About Schwarttzy


My name is Eric Schwarz, but I go by Schwarttzy, and this is my website that I designed. I like to build websites, specializing in handwritten WordPress Themes. I also sell custom off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. Finally, I’m a Professional Skydiver… I actually get paid to jump out of airplanes.

H3 Hummer Parts

My passion for going off-road began with a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I quickly lost control and built an off-road beast. I love that Grand Cherokee, but with time I realized I had the spec sheet of an H3 Hummer. Don’t get me wrong, my H3 will probably never perform off-road as well as that Jeep. But that Jeep will never drive on-road as well as my Hummer. So I sold the Jeep, purchased the Hummer and wanted to get some basic parts so I could hit the trails. I designed and built my first set of rock sliders and took off from there. I’ve got two new designs in the works right now, a true hands-free calling and music Bluetooth device, and a Hi-Lift / CB Antenna Mount / Bottle opener coming soon.

Website Designer / Developer

I specialize as a WordPress Theme developer, a few theme’s I give away for free on WordPress.org and have premium content too. I also build everything from the ground up using GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers running Centos 7. Basically, it’s a LAMP stake server with Centos 7, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7. I like to avoid using JavaScript and instead rely on HTML5 & CSS3 tricks. Not to get too technical, I make websites where the client can manage their website without me with little to no website knowledge. Websites I build have the same amount of difficulty that Microsoft Office takes to print a paper.
Need a website? Please contact me using the form on this page.


I like to get paid to jump out of “Perfectly Good Airplanes.” Basically, I got a rating, to be pilot in command, through the United States Parachute Association and United Parachute Technologies that allows me to haul meat out of an airplane for cash. I’m an AFFI, which is the fancy way of saying that I can give anyone that meets the minimum requirements a license to skydive. However, my true passion has become shooting outside video now. I’d like to become known in the community for great outside videography. Then I would non-stop tour the boogies. For now, though, I just want share pictures and video of Freefly, Angle, building huge Hybrids, Pro-Rated jumps (also referred to as demonstration jumps), and above all others a Rogue Skydive.

  1. Hi Eric,
    I found the design of your site on WordPress. I have used it for my own site.
    So I have to congratulate you for this great design.
    I would like also to translate in french some of the title. Would it be possible?

  2. Hello!
    I’ve been using your adventure theme and I don’t know how many people have complimented me on my website! Thanks a lot! However, today, it was “updated” and no longer works. I’m new to creating webpages and all the time that I took getting things to look right looks to be wasted. I’m sorry to complain, but is it possible to put things back to “normal” and just create a new theme such as Adventure2 or something like that? Thanks a lot.

      1. hello today I got an uptdate from your nice theme and I did it, but now the background picture is no longer to see.
        Can you help me with this??
        Have no idea what to do. I would not like if I have to change
        Thank you

  3. Greetings Eric,
    Your theme is great and I’m using it in conjunction with Word Press and the Mike Dillard system which is amazing. I just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on this theme. I’m a business man, not a coder, and your theme assisted me in obtaining a theme congruent with my business approach. We are both adventurers in our own right! Good luck and I hope our paths cross one day! – I wish you all the best – Polar Bear Joe

  4. Hi Eric,
    just want to say thank you for your great looking theme!
    I’m using it now for my Geocaching-Blog (with some translations to the German language) and I really like it.
    Jens – Team Benito

  5. hi. I really want using your theme but I use the “all in one adsense and yahoo ypn plugin” which pushes my pictures to the left or right out of the main column, How can I fix that, to wrap my pictures again. well I try to do that my self but if you have any idea? or maybe you have an adsesnse plugin that works well with your theme? thanks a lot…

  6. Hi, Love the theme! I was able to add my own background, only since I am using my blog for my photos, I thought even the background should be my own.
    I do have one question though, is it possible to move the title bar to the top of the screen rather than having it at the bottom?

      1. Thanks Schwarttzy, I have tried the featured image option but it does not help me in the way I want it to work. Is there a chance I can download the previous version somewhere, or is it available from you? Im not good at programming!

  7. I just updated the theme and now I have some trouble again. I can not see the titel of my blog and the menu on the bottom of the page also looks terrible.
    I have no idea what to do??

  8. Hey, I’m using your Adventure 1.4.2 theme, and I’m looking for a good Twitter plugin. I’ve tried using the Twitter app from Twitter, but it floats outside of the right hand column. Thoughts/suggestions?

  9. Hi Eric. I liked very much your theme and I am using your theme at my site. I am using WPML to translate my site and I am getting your theme ready to be translated by that. I wonder if you donΒ΄t want to get those modifications to upgrade your theme and make it translatable using gettext functions (that’s what I am doing). Tell me if you want it, because I am using 1.4.2 but to add those changes to your development it would be better to work on the newer version.
    From what I have seen, as you are a theme developer, wpml.org gives you a free account to use and test their plugin. You just have to register there. IΒ΄ve seen people above trying to translate it to French and German. I will do to French and Brazilian Portuguese.
    Regards, Carlos.

    1. Sorry to take so long to decided on this but I couldn’t make my mind up until now. I like the idea of this code and would for my theme to be translated in as many languages as possible, but I really pride myself with the cleanest and lightest written code out there. If you look at the number of pages and code I use it is very minimal come paired to other WordPress Themes, which is why I do not want to add WPML to it right now.
      Now the upside to this is that if anyone want me to quick add in there language I will do this for free all the have to do is ask.

  10. Eric, I love your theme, and have decided to use it. I am new to word press, creating my site. However, I am unable to change the color of the footer that caries the menu (The color doesn’t blend with my site). I have went inside the editor under footer and that didn’t help. Please, lead me down the road to solving my color issue. Thanks, Greg

  11. I have been using the plugin “Better Backgrounds” to allow random background photos but it appears it doesn’t work with your Adventure 1.4.6 Theme. I’d love to see them work together since I love the translucent menus but want the random backgrounds. I’ve not be able to figure out on my own how to make these two play nice and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    1. The newest version of Adventure+ does just that, and if the options aren’t what your looking for I’ll send you a new copy. I’m working out the kinks in my new shopping cart, so go to downloads and get the 2.0 version.

  12. just purchased adventure plus, great theme!
    -how can can I change the post background, I’d like it to be the same as the sidebar and the menu background?
    -how do I change the post font color?
    -Also how can I make the sidebar a bit wider and the post more narrow?
    Appreciate your help.

    1. All the theme options are in the located under “Appearance” in your WordPress admin panel. As of right now you can’t change the width of sidebar but that will be in the next big update. As for changing sidebar background to the menu back ground that is some quick CSS coding I can do for you. I plan to include changing the sidebar menu background too soon.

  13. Absolutely loving your theme, looks really good and definitely stands out from the others πŸ™‚
    Might just be chasing you in the near future as I’d really like mine personalized a little more…who better to ask than it’s creator.

    1. With-in the next few months I plan to completely rewrite the theme so that it is “Responsive.” Meaning that the theme will stretch to fit the smallest cell phone screen to the biggest computer screen without losing a thing.

    1. There’s a new version out now that I’m unable to really reach all my old customers, but if you have purchased “Adventure+” in the past and contact me about it I’m give you the new code that automatically searches for updates now.

  14. Hi Eric!
    I am loving the Adventure theme you created! I just wanted to ask you how I can remove the “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” box at the bottom of each page.
    I want my viewers to use the menu bar at the top instead of being given the option to click on Older and Newer posts.
    How can I remove this? I am creating a website for a client; therefore, this is a time-sensitive matter.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hey Jen,
      The coming update will have the option for you to decided whether or not the “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” on just post, just pages, post and pages, or none.
      Look for the update some time before the weekend.

  15. Hello I’m constuyendo website with wordpress Adventure theme as a template seems very attractive. But I have several problems:
    – Can not create new “semitransparent rectangles” to include text and images. On the issue appear only three and I would need more.
    -In the tablet and mobile phone background image is cut off and how hard I try always moves
    – How I can remove the buttons and newer post older post?

    1. The latest update let’s basically do whatever you want with newer post / older post and etc. The problem with tablets is because the person that wrote the web browser is wrong, I can’t fix their mistakes. Transparent images need to be a PNG file to work and I tested it a while back with it working just fine.
      Message me back if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.

  16. Hello Eric,
    I’m from the Netherlands and maybe my English is not always as clear as I like to be. I’m new in WordPress so I have lots to learn.
    Very nice theme you’ve build! I have chosen it together with a friend to build her site with. And after that I think I will rebuild my own website too. What specially is great is that the menu is sticky when you scroll down. It is really very handy to browse with.
    I have a few questions and perhaps some ideas for you:
    – Is it possible for me to switch off all the things what has to do with blogging? With other words, I would like to use it as a standard website.
    Then I like to design one page for a contact form or put fields in for reactions/blogs. The text “by ……” beneath every page is then not necessary.
    – In the sidebar on the right you can switch all things off but the main page stays the same width, is that possible to change when I use no sidebar?
    – Could it be possible to change the background from the header and the footer like the pages?
    – Could it be possible to put the search bar in one line above each page, in this way the pages can be wider.
    – Can I switch of the fields: “Leave a reply” and “”
    – Is there a possibility to change the borderline colors?
    I really hope that you can give me some good tips or hope that it can be done.
    Any way, great design,

    1. I will be working on an update that gives you a bunch of options for the Time, Author, and etc. The content is completely flexible, this theme is responsive in design, but if you want to make it wider than it is now… that would be very difficult and very low on my priority list for now. Changing the color for the borders will be in a future update, just not sure if this time around or next. Changing the background has always been possible, so I’m not sure what you are talking about here.
      Message me back if you have any more questions

      1. With changing the background I mean the Header and Footer color. You have 3 options that are very dark.
        I think it is made with an image? If I could change the image (in combination with opacity) or perhaps a color with opacity that would help a lot. Perhaps if I now where the file to find I can replace it with another with the same dimensions en experiment a litlle. I’m familiar with FileZilla and Photoshop so that should not be a problem.
        The version I now use is version 2.2 that I have downloaded from the Dashboard on tuesday the 12th of february. That is the newest I can find.

      2. Hai Eric,
        To let the Adventure them more look like a standard webpage with no blogging on it I have found in the index.php the subroutines to call for the Comment window and the Previous en Next window.
        I simply deleted it and that works fine for me. The only thing I’d like to remove is the ‘by admin’ on each web page but I can’t find it (yet).
        Could you and will you let me know where I can find that and switch it off (or remove displayed text)?

        1. Hello Eric,
          Me again πŸ™‚ I.ve already found the text “by admin” and Ive made’comment from it and it works. Now the website is not looking any longer as a blog site.
          Can I find the ‘page text color’, the ‘widget text color’ and the font type of both header texts in the style.css or in the theme-options.css?

  17. Eric,
    I am a WordPress user and activated your theme Schwartzy / Semper Fi. When I did so initially the banner bar at the top was transparent (I could see the background image clearly through it). I liked that, but thought I would try out the different colour options of blue, purple, green etc. Once I did that I could not return to the transparent banner bar, even if I de-activated and re-activated the theme. Help?

  18. I love adventure theme, it is perfect for my blog’s homesteading topic but I can’t seem to find the option where people can post comments on my blog. Is it a problem on my end?

    1. It’s possible on your end, if you disable the comments from the page / post then there is no way for you viewers to comment. Go to the admin section of and open up the post as if you were going to edit the post / page. In the upper left corner of the screen you will see “screen options,” click and then make sure the box “discussion” has check mark in it. Finally towards the bottom of the page / post look for the box labeled “Discussion” and then make sure that “Allow Comments” is checked marked.
      If this doesn’t fix it there has to be an error(s) in the code on your server some where.

  19. Hi Eric,
    Great Theme! I’m trying to remove the sidebar widget from the main page and the additional pages I only want to use it on the posts page. How do I go about doing this? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  20. Hey, I enjoy the Adventure+ theme. I am have trouble with my meta tag, keywords mostly. There is no header.php for me to input my meta information. Did not realize that switching themes would remove my recent meta tagging.
    Could you advise me on this matter?

  21. Hey Eric, I am have some trouble navigating through a the editorial forms.
    Two questions for you. Would like to set up a reverse order on comments in a page. treating it as a review page with newest first. I downloaded Reverse Order Comments plugin but I cant find the area in the comment.php form it asks me to edit.
    to give you an idea http://westriverkayak.com/about/comments/
    Second, How can I change the title of each page to an image or change color of only the title page.
    Thanks again!

  22. You need to add more posts to your WordPress for it to look right. The idea is that snippets 3 wide will display across the screen before starting a new line. Unless your screen is too small, then it will drop down to two and then one if the page determines it.

  23. Hi, now I’m playing with the Adventure theme for another blog. Can you give me the HTML color code for the blue header? I’m trying to match the sidebar background to it. Also, is there a list of all of your themes somewhere?

  24. Hey Schwarttzy,
    I am using the Semper Fi Lite theme as I am building a concept site for a sporting club – as soon as they are happy with the styling, I will be purchasing the full version to enable other features.
    I am wondering if in the full version, it is possible to have no front page at all, basically I just want to view the background. If I select no static front page, I just get a blank transparent bar – I want to remove that, is it possible?

      1. Awesome, I will purchase full version.
        Also, I found of the lite version at lease, that the menus fade too quickly and it is sometimes hard to click a menu option, any way to extend that?

  25. Is it possible to remove the page title from the top of the page for the Adventure+ theme? If I leave the line blank, the tab shows a blank space instead of the page name. If I put the name in the title section, the tab shows correctly but the name shows up at the top of the page. I’d like to eliminate that.

      1. Thanks Eric. Also, my theme background is very light (white). The sidebar words are white. I don’t know how to find the code for that, but is there a line i should look for to change the sidebar text to black?

          1. I’m sorry, a lot of the time I’m unaware who has and hasn’t purchased the theme. I just help them no matter what normally, just don’t tell anyone I need to get paid too. Anyway, I just looked and was shocked that I haven’t got that feature in the theme. I’ll be updating the theme tonight hopefully and will send you an email with the new code once it is done.

  26. Hi Eric. Love your themes, but I am currently having an issue with the title replacer that uses an image instead with the Semper Fi theme. Whenever I select an image from the desktop or drag an image into the uploader, nothing happens. Any ideas?

    1. I have been getting a few emails about this problem and have no idea why it is yet. It could be a few different things, but I would recommend trying from a different computer. It works for me time and time again, even on other computers. If you send me an email with a temporary username and password I could try uploading it for you.

  27. Hello:
    I really like the adventure theme. How can I change the font on the header? Also, I want to use exponents in the title of the header, any ideas? I do not mind paying for an upgrade, but I do not know how. Thanks!

    1. Hey Curtis,
      The font in the header can be changed by going to the “Theme Customizer” which is linked in the admin bar. You don’t need the upgrade,but it would be much appreciated. Respond back if you have any trouble.

  28. Hello, I am using your theme ‘Adventure’. My concern is how to switch the menu from the bottom to the top?
    Thank u in advance!

  29. Hey Eric, I’ve got a fews problems with your Adventure theme. I do love the theme though!
    First of my menu in the header get’s screwed up if it exists out of seperate words. for example: Teaching Methodology (vakdidactiek) => will look like this => Teaching (space space space) Methodology (enter) (vakdidactiek).
    Also I can’t make add a category in a category. Say I’ve got WDKA => Project Activation => Teaching Methodology (vakdidactiek). Could you perhaps add such a function?
    The text in the About Me section gets spread out too much, is there something I can do about that?
    And lastly could you make it possible to be able to edit the sidebar more? Like change on which side of the screen it is, change it’s font and the colour of the font?
    For the rest I’m VERY satisfied with your theme and think it’s the best I’ve come across so far! So thank you very much!

    1. Hey Michiel,
      I would need to see a photo about those problems, you should use my contact me page so we can just email because it would be easier. As for the sidebar stuff look for it in the next update which I hope to work out this weekend.
      – Eric

    1. If your WordPress install is working fine it will automatically check for updates. There is a tab labeled “Updates” on the left side of the panel where you can run updates for the themes, plugins, and new WordPress version.

  30. Hi,
    First off all I wanted to say I really like the Semper Fi Lite theme!
    Is it possible to post an embedded youtube video on the front page when having 3 columns next to eachother? I can’t figure out how to get it to work..
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Currently that isn’t possible to have a YouTube video on the 3 columns, once WordPress finally releases 3.6 I will work out code so that it can pull in many things, among them is videos just like your asking for.

    1. Ah, all that I mean by that is that the code is physically typed out and that I started from scratch to make a theme. A lot of themes use this cookie cuter design and adapt it suit their needs. I feel that these cookie cuter themes that these authors throw together just aren’t as good.

  31. Hi … somehow after the latest update the fixed menubar disappeared and fades away into the deep nowhere when scrolling down the page … any clue for that? … thanks for help πŸ™‚ … and btw: brilliant theme!!! like it most πŸ™‚ … regards marc

    1. There is, I’m just focused on other projects at the moment one of them is developing a next level responsive code that is adaptive to both the website admin and the end user.

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