Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park

In the town Harrison, Michigan is Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park where it gets a bit more wild than the usual off-road park. The difficulty of the trails range from beginner to expert, even the people afraid of scratching the paint will have a place to play in the 200 acres. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park has rock gardens, tires gardens, hills to climb, and of course plenty of mud holes. The cost is $25 for each driver per day and an additional $5 for the passengers. What are you waiting for? Head on out! Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park Continue Reading → Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park

Drummond Island Trails

In the upper peninsula of Michigan, east of Mackinac Island is the off-road paradise, Drummond Island. What makes this Drummond Island unique is at you can’t just drive to it, you have to board a ferry head to the island. The off-road trails varies from mud bog trails in a boreal forests, to rock crawling on glacial rock deposits, and stone ridges over look Lake Huron. If run out of trails head over to the ORV Park, Turtle Ridge for more fun and excitement off-road. No matter what you drive Drummond Island’s off-road trails are great for stock vehicles, heavy Continue Reading → Drummond Island Trails

Holy Cross City 4X4 Trail

Holy Cross Trail meanders through rock gardens, streams, and mud on the side of the 14,000+ foot mountain, “Mountain of the Holy Cross.” The signs along Holy Cross Trail warn when the trail is about to get more difficult and what’s it going to cost to get towed out of there, can be used as an indicator of just how great Holy Cross Trail is. At the top is an old ghost town with leftover mining equipment and some empty cabins dating all the way back to the 1800s. At the entrance is a sign of what your vehicle needs Continue Reading → Holy Cross City 4X4 Trail

Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park

Up in Swift County Minnesota, the Department of Natural Resources has set aside land with 10 miles of ORV trails specifically for off-road vehicles. The Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park is situated on 330 acres of mostly old rail road line with sand dunes, hill climbs, and rock crawls. However the park is split in two sections, one side is ATV’s and dirt bikes only with the other portion for full-size vehicles. An interesting obstacle at the Appleton 4×4 park that I haven’t seen else where, is “stair steps.” A stair step is a long obstacle on a hill with Continue Reading → Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park

Windrock Park

North of Oliver Spring, Tennessee in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains is 72,000 acres of trails, rock crawling, and mud bogs that make up the off-road park, “Windrock Park.” Windrock Park claims title to having the largest privately owned land for off-road use. Right on the property is primitive camping, full service RV hooks, and even fully furnished cabins that sleep up to nine people per unit when you decided to visit. The best time to visit is in the fall, when the forest’s foliage is turning all shades of reds, yellows, and orange. Creating some amazing moments not soon forgotten Continue Reading → Windrock Park

Turtle Ridge ORV Park

In northern Michigan, just east of Mackinac Island, is the awe inspiring Drummond Island. The off-road adventure begin before you even step foot on the island. No bridges link Drummond Island to the main land, which means that the only way across is to board a ferry to get to the island with your vehicle. Turtle Ridge ORV Park guides you through boreal forests, glacial rock deposits, and stone ridges in the UP. This place has something to offer everyone, from stock vehicles, to monster rigs, the island will not disappoint. Don’t forget to run the ORV trails that Drummond Continue Reading → Turtle Ridge ORV Park

Cliff's Insane Terrain Park

Illinois’ only true Off-Road park for full size vehicles has some of the most unique wheeling that you will ever encounter. Nothing like the rocks in California, where traction is no problem on the granite. The mud at Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park is something of it’s own, adding another level to difficultly to off-roading… that most haven’t experienced. The hills are truly eroding underneath your feet as that vehicle works it’s heart out trying to climb up hills. The trails become quite interesting when you drop into a rut and literately let go of the steering wheel and stay on Continue Reading → Cliff's Insane Terrain Park

Tip Toe Behind the Rocks

Tip Toe Behind the Rocks in Moab is one of the easier trails, but what it lacks in difficultly is made up with beautiful and scenic views. I drove the trail after few days of running the harder trails because we want an easy day were we focus on the beauty that the desert has to offer. Tip Toe is an off shoot of the much harder trail, Behind the Rocks and can be easily driven in any high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle. At the end of this trail is Balcony Arch, Picture Frame Arch, and Pritchett Arch which is Continue Reading → Tip Toe Behind the Rocks

Steel Bender

Originally a wagon trail, Steel Bender leads you through 20 miles of scenic views of Mill Creek, Moab, and the La Sal Mountains. This trail can prove to be very difficult in a stock vehicle which is why I have given Steel Bender a rating of Difficult. I do not recommend running this trail alone, and spotting is a must on some of the obstacles. The most memorable obstacle for me was “The Wall,” which is this vertical wall that you must drop down. For some reason I decided to take the seeming more difficult off camber section to the Continue Reading → Steel Bender

Rubicon Trail

Of all the trails in the world, The Rubicon Trail is the one and the only trail to top them all. Located in the Sierra Nevada, the Rubicon Trail is located directly due west of Lake Tahoe crossing rivers, lakes, and granite in the El Dorado. So popular is this place, auto manufacturers regularly use this trail as the gauge to test their new vehicles on. The trail technically begins in Wentworth Springs, but the typical 4×4 enthusiast is looking to start the trail at Loon Lake. The first obstacle encountered is Walker Hill which is a climb up a Continue Reading → Rubicon Trail

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