Skid Plates, Under Body Protection

$255 - Skid Plates, Under Body Protection

Price: $255

Slide over rocks and through the mud with out getting stuck, with 1/4 inch thick skid plates extending the H3 Hummer Under Body Protection 4′ x 2′, completely protecting the transmission and transfer case from damage. The skid plates come painted black, and with to brackets for mounting. Huge, flat, and smooth, these skid plates truly shine in the deep mud or snow helping you to easily slide on down the trail, when the 35″ tire just can’t quite reach the ground.

Complete Parts List Includes


On my “To Do List” is to post up a better photos and video for the Under Body Protection Skid Plates. Bare with me the video is pre production under body protection skid plates.


Guide to the H3 Hummer

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