OnStar Microphone Adapter

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The OnStar Microphone Adapter makes connecting the GM factory microphone to an aftermarket radio easy. Not just for the H3 Hummer, the OnStar Microphone Adapter works with plenty of other GM vehicles too. If the vehicle has a similar looking microphone then this adapter probably works. Otherwise, don’t worry because the OnStar Adapter can be returned if it doesn’t work. To connect the adapter to the microphone, just disconnect it from the wiring harness. Plug in the OnStar Microphone Adapter to the microphone and then run 3.5mm male-to-male headphone jack to the back of the radio.

Since I got the H3 Hummer and I like to make things look factory, or as in the case of this OnStar Microphone Adapter it actually is factory,  I recommend the Sony XAV-AX100. Although, I purchase the Sony XAV-AX200 (the Sony XAV-AX200 has been replaced with the XAV-AX210) because I wanted to be able to watch DVDs. The AX200 and AX100 Sony radio look extremely similar to the factory navigation that came with the H3 Hummer. The buttons and layout, the color, the Sony’s logo aren’t overbearing, even the volume nob is similar in design, and that list goes on. But that’s all besides the point. The real point of choosing the radio is to get Android Auto, or for the iPhone user’s Apple Carplay. Turn by Turn directions, handsfree calling, music, podcasts, heck I can even ask Android Auto whats the weather tomorrow. My 2008 Alpha H3 Hummer is having no problems keeping up with the times. Having a backup camera goes a long way too for us H3 Hummer owners out there. I even happen to make and sell a convenient mount for placing a backup camera inside the spare tire.

For you H3 Hummer Fans, here’s a background image to make a Hummer with a Sony XAV-AX100 truly Like Nothing Else!

H3 Hummer

Valve Stem Tire Caps
H3 Hummer factory valve stem tire caps with seal gasket

Pack of 5 OEM H3 & H3T Valve Stem Tire Caps with rubber gasket

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Skid Plates, Under Body Protection

1/4 inch thick and 4' x 2' long skid plates to protect the H3 Hummer under body

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OnStar Microphone Adapter

An adapter that makes it easy to connect the Factory OnStar Microphone to an aftermarket Radio

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Modular Tire Carrier

Adjust the spare tire height from 31-inches to 39-inches, pre-cut holes for mounting. Future Hi-lift, CB-antenna, shovel, Jerry Can, and bottle opener brackets in development.

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Light Bar Bracket

Simple bolt-on light bar bracket for the H3 Hummer.

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HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

An exact replacement for burnt out OEM HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs, five to a pack.

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H3 Hummer Rock Sliders

Heavy-duty rocker panel protection for the serious off-road enthusiast.

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H3 Hummer High Clearance Leaf Spring Bolt Plate

Gain higher ground clearance with this stronger bracket that relocates the factory shock to a safer location.

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H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount

Mount an 8,000lb or bigger winch inside the factory H3 Hummer bumper. Synthetic rope recommended.

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H3 Backup Camera Mount

A simple mounting bracket for hiding a backup camera inside the factory tire.

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Extended Leaf Spring Shackles

Lift the rear suspension 1 1/2 inches, matches a front torsion bar crank perfectly.

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The Spartan Chin

Non-destructive easy-to-install camera mounts for the G3 Cookie Helmet with packing tool.

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Mini Packing Tool

A convenient packing tool for closing skydiving containers. Fits nicely inside the pocket on the reserve side ring cover.

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WordPress Theme Semper Fi

An opensource WordPress theme that can be used on your website.

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WordPress Theme Adventure

WordPress Theme that tries to persuade the user that they're not sitting behind a computer.

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