B17 Flying Fortress

Just after New Years, I received a phone call in regards to my Grandfather, Eldon F. Schwarz. I was contacted because my Grandfather served in World War II in the US Army Air Core. He was in the Bomber Division, flying in the back of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress as the tail gunner, also referred to as the “Piss Gunner.” Even though many Americans flew in those airplanes during World War II, what made this guy special is that his Uncle was flying on that very same plane with my Grandfather. Now, this is where the significant part of Continue Reading → B17 Flying Fortress

Destructed Denim

I find that Snowboarding is a great way to pass the time in the winter months, even if I’m not snowboarding. While I don’t go snowboarding nearly as often as I wish I could, that does not hinder the thought of it giving me an upbeat attitude when the winter months get me down. Because when that wind kicks up, and the cold pierces my clothing to bite at my skin, my mind tends to drift off and imagine this great mountain that my friends and I are snowboarding on, sometimes real other times not, and find myself in this Continue Reading → Destructed Denim

Talked to VWerks

Wow! I had a great conversation over the phone with Pat Muldoon, the VP of Product Development at VWerks, about this new JK8 that is for “Red Jacket Firearms,” the guys on the hit TV series “Son of Guns” that eras on the Discovery Channel. Pat explained to me that you will be able to purchase all the same parts they used to create their monster in the near future. I won’t be shy, I think that the Jeep is awesome. Nice deep colors, great approach/departure angle, monster 40-inch tires, the JK-8 Pickup Conversion Kit, basically something I would do Continue Reading → Talked to VWerks

Torque Jeans

I’m a huge motorcycle junkie. Been riding since I was 12 years old, when I purchased my own Suzuki Dr100 with the cash I earned working that summer, and have been riding since. I have owned 6 others since then and as the title says I’m not talking about Motorcycles today. I’m talking specifically about my Motorcycle Jeans that I’m all upset about. Now these Jeans, the Shift Racing Torque Jeans, are worlds beyond anything I have ever owned. Thick high quality fabric, great fit (for me at least), Kevlar lining, and a style of it’s own that I admire. Continue Reading → Torque Jeans

My H3 Hummer

About a month ago I finally managed to sell everything and purchase myself an ’06 H3 Hummer with only 41,000 Miles on the odometer. My Hummer has both the Adventure and Luxury packages, which means I have heated leather seats, a sunroof, the monsoon premium sound system with a sub-woofer, 4:1 Transfer case, 33 inch tires, and of course the rear locking differential from the factory. The ride is great, the gas miles is about 20 miles / gallon, and the sound system is much better than I though it would be. I also think that there must be some Continue Reading → My H3 Hummer

Momentum SA Harness

Out with the old and in with the new seems like a pretty big theme currently in my life. I just sold off both my vehicles to pay down all my credit cards. I am about to purchase an H3 Hummer that I have been clamoring about for quite some time now. I also got a new harness from Black Diamond to replace the one currently in my climbing gear, the Momentum SA Harness. I have been looking at this harness for quite a while because I felt the harness I have was lacking compared to the ones my friends Continue Reading → Momentum SA Harness

Legendary Blades

At Burning Man 2011 I brought with me the Gerber 01471 Suspension Multi-Tool , which is basically the same thing that Leatherman is famous for, except I think it looks way better and has spring loaded pliers. Regrettably though it broke, and I have to admit “I was doing something I ought not have done with it.” I was trying to cut up some really thick metal with the pliers so that I might fix a bike for this guy from Belgium that was camped next to me, but I just ended up braking that portion of the multi-tool. While Continue Reading → Legendary Blades

XGO T-Shirt

Ever since I went to “The Red” I have realized that I needed some kind of performance t-shirt for hot weather. Obvious choices for a performance t-shirt are Under Armour and SmartWool, but I prefer something not so well known. Also, I find the prices those two ask for is a bit of an issue because I look at it as the shirt I’m just going to sweat into. So I began searching for a performance t-shirt. A few requirements I had when deciding on a performance t-shirt I liked was first and foremost the shirt would seriously ward off Continue Reading → XGO T-Shirt

Tomahawk Peace Pipe

I’m a fan of smoking cigars occasionally, Romeo Y Juliet and Arturo Fuente being my favorites. One day however in a smoke shop, I inquiring about tobacco sold by the ounce. I was surprised to find out that tobacco is cheaper when purchased by the ounce, instead of in the traditional form of a cigarette or a cigar. It also comes in many different flavors, and overall I got about the same enjoyment from smoking a good cigar as I did from a pipe. So, I became interested in buying a tobacco pipe, but I had trouble finding something that Continue Reading → Tomahawk Peace Pipe

CamelBak Ambush

In my search of staying hydrated when running the trails I wanted a water pack that was durable, light, quick, and have that something more. That something more is something I can never put my finger on, but when I hold the CamelBak Ambush I know it is there, hidden. Possibly it is the whole military design/gear in a civilian world, or maybe that it simply works, but bottom line this pack inspires awe. The CamelBak Ambush water pack carries 102oz (3.1 Liters) when full which is plenty for a day. The pack also has room for things like cameras, Continue Reading → CamelBak Ambush

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