H3 Leaf Spring Mount

Over the past month or so I have been developing a replacement for the factory leaf spring mounts on the H3 Hummer, and now that I have tested my prototype, I figured it was the appropriate time to bring it up now. I originally got the idea from the Club Hummer Offroad forums in a thread where someone was discussing their disappointment that a product similar to the one here was being discontinued. After only just a few seconds of looking at the picture, I knew exactly what changes I was going to make and how I was going to Continue Reading → H3 Leaf Spring Mount

WordPress Changes

I don’t normally like talking about WordPress issues on my blog, but it seems things are changing and hopefully this will help ease the transitions. If you don’t know, my themes have temporarily been removed from the WordPress Repository because they have been labeled crippleware. I disagree, especially since I don’t lock away any key features for WordPress, but regrettably it’s not up for discussion. I was given the impression by two very respected people within the community, Chip Bennett and Otto, that what I had written was no problem when they both looked over one of my themes a Continue Reading → WordPress Changes

Arc'teryx LEAF Echo

There is only four other things that I own that are at this level of quality and design. My Springfield Armory XD9102HCSP06 40S&W Black, this Icon MOTORHEAD Jacket (Black), an ECWS Sleeping Bag I got, and my Tomahawk Peace Pipe. While I have a bunch of other things that I would like to add to this category. I can’t because they fall short of the quality that the Arc’teryx Leaf Echo backpack commands. While choosing the Echo backpack solely on the quality and design that the manufacturer has put into it is fine, I really choose it because of the Continue Reading → Arc'teryx LEAF Echo

Tiny House

The “Tiny House” movement is all about this idea of not having a mortgage, the ability to literally move at a moments notice, and focus on what is really important in your own life. I have a dream of being nomadic, living in a small home built upon a trailer, just going where ever my heart decides to leads me that day. While I don’t believe this is a life everyone can live, I know this movement has something at it’s core that tugs on all of our strings. And it’s not just the novelty of the idea, but the Continue Reading → Tiny House


The rush from Skydiving isn’t what I was expecting. At least in my case, I wasn’t panicking at that the moment in the photo above. I felt like I was at the starting gate to a race where everyone is just itching for the signal. I thought I might be hesitant to jump, but in fact, my mind felt supremely focused, as if someone had just cleaned the house up there. I went to Chicagoland Skydiving Center (CSC) in Rochelle, IL just off I-88 for my first jump out of a perfectly good airplane, a phrase painted on the side Continue Reading → Skydiving

The Small House Book

Since I’m getting kind of serious about building a Tiny House that I can drag behind my Hummer and sleep in, I bought the book “The Small House Book” by Jay Shafer. I bought the book with the assumption that the book was going to talk about living in a Tiny House, does and don’t of building one, and things of that sort. I thought wrong. I found that Jay Shafer devoted a good portion of his book arguing the case for Tiny Homes and how to argue for it too because it seems there is a lot laws preventing Continue Reading → The Small House Book

New Server

Hey so my website has recently moved to a new server in the name of speed, power, and security. I also enjoy the benefit of saving some money too at the same time. As far as I can tell everything is installed prefect and working great. But if you find anything please alert me to it because my mind is fried with all the new things I have been learning. Thanks for understanding, Eric Schwarz

Sliders are Finished!

I have my H3 Rock Sliders back from the powder-coater, bolted on, and very reasonably priced. I have reached an agreement with the guys that help me build them and we are basically ready for production. I said that I wanted them to be “Over Kill” and I have more than met my goal with them.  I even hammered out a deal with the powder-coater so you can choose to have them powder-coated in any color your heart desires. Which I guess that means you could technically buy them right now from me. For the most part I find the Continue Reading → Sliders are Finished!

Scepter Jerry Can

The Company Scepter out of Scarborough Ontario makes the absolute best Jerry Cans that money can buy. Although there is just one problem, they are not for sale in the United States because of CARB regulations that the EPA adopted on gas cans. Even though these Jerry Cans are incredibly hard to get a hold of, they are worth the trouble needed to go through. In 2009 on January 1st, the regulations set forth by CARB were adopted by the EPA and set a bunch of standards forth for all portable fuel carriers sold within the United States. First of Continue Reading → Scepter Jerry Can

Windows 8

Yesterday I decided that I should finally get around to some updates that I have been needing to do. So I spent last night downloading Windows 8 64bit  Consumer Preview ISO and Adobe CS5 Master Collection.  Many people roll their eye’s at that idea of upgrading to a beta, but I feel as though it is my job to be on top of the latest and greatest technology. While it may not directly effect my work that I do, building WordPress themes and helping people setup their websites, I believe that if stay ahead of the Rogers Bell Curve that Continue Reading → Windows 8

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