H3 Specs

Picking up from yesterday when I discussed how I’m really interested in buying a Hummer H3 to replace my Jeep and that I’m excited to run down the specs of the H3 today is because of all the things I will not have to modify on the H3. So beginning with a bit of a history lesson, the H3 Hummer is a crossover SUV from GM in 2005 based on the GMT355 platform that it shares with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon compact pickup trucks. Originally equipped with 3.5L inline 5 cylinder motor (220hp and 225 ft·lb) the motor was Continue Reading → H3 Specs

H3 Hummer

Not long ago I wouldn’t have even considered typing this, but here I am typing. “I have decided that I want to sell my Jeep and get an H3 Hummer.” I’m eating so many words from when I was younger but it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, it feels good typing that. I think it has to do with me being interested in making the right choices with my life and moving on with my life. I keep telling everyone that rock climbing has changed my life around for the better, but it really began with a visit Continue Reading → H3 Hummer

Climbing Gear & Jargon

The other day when I wrote about going to Red River Gorge I realized while writing the post that it was full of jargon and I was naming off a bunch of gear. Which is why today I though I would elaborate on all of the things I mentioned so it all comes into perspective. In the sport of rock climbing there is a couple different ways of climbing. To name a few there is trad, boulder, and what I did was sport climbing. In sport climbing the wall has been drilled into and bolted about every ten feet which Continue Reading → Climbing Gear & Jargon

Red River Gorge

I recently went on a trip to Kentucky for some unbelievable sport climbing at Red River Gorge where I found out why everyone in the climbing gym I train with has a Miguel’s Pizza T-shirt, enjoyed some beautiful 70 degree weather, and climbed a 5.11c sport route. But more importantly I had a great time and made memories that will last me a lifetime with my friends. The trip to Red River Gorge began Friday March 18th, 2011 with packing the SUV and heading to the gym where we met up with some friends that knew the way. So promptly Continue Reading → Red River Gorge

1-Ton Steering

Recently I bought JCROFFROAD 1 Ton Steering for my Jeep Grand Cherokee hoping to fix a bunch of problems that I have been having. Some of the problems that I have been getting is that when I hit a bump in the road at 55mph+ the Jeep wants to go in a different direction for a split second because of the Y steering linkage that comes with the jeep from the factory jeep changes the toe of the tires as the suspension cycles up and down. Also there is a lot of slop because of  the 6.5 inches of suspension Continue Reading → 1-Ton Steering

SOTO Pocket Torch

*Update – The pocket torch broke after a while in my backpack which was disappointing. It work great, just wasn’t design to take abuse. I wouldn’t recommend buying it until the make a stronger model.* A while back I went to REI and stumbled upon the SOTO Pocket Torch used for igniting and I have been meaning to a write post on it because this thing is so handy. Basically the whole point of a SOTO Hand Held Pocket Torch boils down to not  having to bother with butane for fuel and instead using cheap disposable lighters. Other befits include Continue Reading → SOTO Pocket Torch

Backing up DVD’s and Blu-Ray's

I have been on a quest for the perfect back-up of my movies for a while now and I keep finding what I think is the best, but I always find an even better way. Now it may be a big leap in confidence to say I have finally found the best way back-up movies, but when I have “The Bourne Ultimatum” stored on my hard drive at a total of 863mb, under 1 gigabyte, it is hard to argue. The quality is the same as the DVD and I have extensively gone back and forth between the two versions Continue Reading → Backing up DVD’s and Blu-Ray's

Super 8.8 Installed

It has been a couple of days since the Super 8.8 kit was installed on my Grand Cherokee and I got to say I’m loving it.  The vibrations have stopped, the axle width is the same as the stock now, the rear end seems more responsive at speed, and the quality/strength is over-the-top. The installation was smooth except for having a lug-nut that refused to come off resulting in me destroying one of my TJ Rubicon Moab Rims. I’m not about to do my own write of a “how-to” on this kit since the ones from the manufacturer is just Continue Reading → Super 8.8 Installed

Leaky Ford 8.8

In preparation for the coming winter, I have been fixing up my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have known about a leaky rear axle seal on my Ford 8.8 for a little while, which I figured was because someone overfilled it, and thought the problem would take care of its self. To my dismay, it didn’t and now I think I have a bent axle shaft in there, which lead me to purchase a “Super Ford 8.8 Axle System” from 4wheelerssupply. The kit claims to make the axle 35% stronger than previously in stock form, but the strength isn’t why I Continue Reading → Leaky Ford 8.8

Got a Sticker in the Mail

Got this sweet Mammut Sticker in the mail from Mammut’s Facebook page that they were giving away for free. The cool part is that this isn’t some run of the mill sticker, it is a very high quality sticker and the material seems to be made out of similar the nylon in the backpacks Mammut makes. And since I really enjoy Mammut gear and want to show my support of them, it took me a while to decide where to stick it. After thinking about it for a while I choose the back of my Jeep with hopes that people Continue Reading → Got a Sticker in the Mail

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