Lifting the H3 Hummer

Factory ground clearance on an H3 Hummer is less than ideal at 10 1/2 inches, which is why it constantly gets hung up on the cross-members and ends up looking like a turtle. I was disappointed, to say the least when I realized just how far I had a stepped backward with my H3 Hummer compared to my previous vehicle. The feeling is a terrible one, but I know in my heart that not enough work has been done yet to the H3 Hummer before I will throw in the towel. The first step to gaining better ground clearance with Continue Reading → Lifting the H3 Hummer

H3 Hummer 35-inch Tires

Ever since the H3 Hummer obsession took hold of me, I have noticed a bunch of people visit the site searching for what’s the biggest tire an H3 Hummer can fit. Also, I’ve noticed searches for whether or not it is possible to put 35-inch tires on an H3 Hummer. Yes, thirty-five-inch tires will fit on an H3 Hummer with absolutely no modifications. Even the factory spare tire mount on the tailgate will fit a 35″ tire just fine. There is however a few things I recommend when mounting a tire that big on the H3. But overall, having 35-inch Continue Reading → H3 Hummer 35-inch Tires

High Clearance Redesign

The other day I sold out of my High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts for the H3 Hummer, which makes me proud to say that I’m actually starting to make a business out of building off-road parts. Since I’m completely out of them at this moment I have decided to redesign them a bit so that they can be assembled with more precision when I welding. The main reason for this is to reduce the amount of time it takes for me to assemble them, but also to have a finished product that is esthetically more pleaseing to the eye. The Continue Reading → High Clearance Redesign

Beef Jerky 001

Couple times every week, I like to browse on over to the website Art of Manliness, and read about the things they talk about and discuss on their website. Recently I came cross “How to Make the Best Beef Jerky in the World,” which I found interesting. For the longest time I thought you needed some specialized dehydrator to make beef jerky or dehydrate some food right. I was surprised when I read that the instructions say to just use an oven to dehydrate the beef Jerky, and that is why I found it interesting and had to make the Continue Reading → Beef Jerky 001

69 Boss Mustang

I’m just about to start writing some code for the WordPress Theme Adventure. But before I do, I have to finally get around to sharing this awesome video of a Boss 1969 Mustang. In the video hot rod builder Bodie Stroud brings to life one of the best Mustangs I have ever seen that it is all for go, and not for show. This Mustang is hands down to me the best looking, performance driven, know exactly what your talking about, mustang I have ever seen. Even the famous Elonore from the movie of “Gone in 60 Seconds” that came Continue Reading → 69 Boss Mustang

Currently Working

Hey the website might look a little odd here or their, but that is just some construction going on. I have been rewriting all my code because of this crazy idea where I re-size the content based on “em” instead of pixels and so far it seems to work really well. Everything on the website and the shopping cart should still work completely fine even with the construction going on right now.

Romney Rally

I happened to attend the Mitt Romney Victory Rally in Cedar Rapids on October 24th, 2012 at the Landmark Aviation Airport. When I arrived at the airport I was immediately greeted by police that told me to turn around and drive to the “Post Mills” building down the road 3 miles so I could ride the bus all the way back. I was quite disappointed by this, but I had driven entirely too far to simply turn around. When I got to the “Post Mills” building I was surprised by all the vehicles and this extremely large bulldozer that was Continue Reading → Romney Rally

Team Fortress 2

I’m a big fan of the game Team Fortress 2 (TF2) ever since the first version of Team Fortress Classic came out back in 1999. It was possible to get a head-shots using a 56k modem connected to the internet back then, but sadly those days are long gone. Seeing as I’m currently using only 0.3% of my monthly bandwidth on my server, I will hopefully make better use of the massive bandwidth that I’m allocated. With over 12 years passing since playing Team Fortress for my first time, I’m proud to say that I now have my own TF2 Continue Reading → Team Fortress 2

Badlands Appreciation

On October 6th, I headed to Indiana to go off-road in my H3 Hummer. The place I went to is called Badlands Off-Road Park. Residing where I do, this is off-road park is about my only option for a day trip off-road. The place is great, it used to be a quarry in the past but has since been converted over to just having fun. Dirt bikes, four-wheeler (quad if you prefer), full-size vehicles, and basically anything is all welcome to wheel here. Badlands has a little bit of everything contained in the 800 acres. Rocks, mud, deep water, huge Continue Reading → Badlands Appreciation

Burning Man 2012

I was at Burning Man 2012 with my Brother and Sister this year camped at 2:39 and H. Even with all the rumors floating around Burning Man this year, it went off without a hitch, well “Wall Street” did burn a day late. So typical of them to be late, HA! Even with everything working out great I wish I took more photo’s, but I find it so hard for me. I just keep living in the moment not thinking about anything else. The image I’m in above is right before we got into Gerlach, NV on the roads Jungo Continue Reading → Burning Man 2012

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