Adventure Theme

With the update to version 1.8 of Adventure I have depreciated this page. All the information, content, and upgrades for the WordPress Theme Adventure is now located at https://schwarttzy.com/shop/adventureplus/.

  1. Hi… I really like this theme. When I write a post or make a page, at the bottom of the box is a “by” line… how do I edit that and where is it found? Thanks, LTN

  2. Hi Eric,
    I enjoy using the Adventure theme.
    But why is there al limit of 5 comments?
    It appears that after the 5th comment the reply button is missing.

    1. The comment limit is because of how WordPress is setup and not the themes fault. From your admin section, click on “Settings -> Discussion” in there you will see “Break comments into pages with” and then a number. Most likely that number is set to five, adjust it to however many you want.

  3. Hi…
    I bought the Adventure+ theme package, and am a big fan of the clean cut design of the theme.
    I wanted to put in some meta-tags into the header portion of my site but cannot seem to find a header.php or some place where this would be appropriate.
    Can you please guide me towards the location where I should add the meta tags?

  4. Hello, You have another fan of your Adventure theme! I just bought the Adventure+ version. I’d like to do another blog in this theme too, but have a couple of questions. I don’t see a way of adding a ‘featured image’ that will then transfer over when someone does a Facebook share. I think I am calling it the right name. Also, at the end of my posts it says “comments are closed”. By chance do you know why that is happening to me? I checked and double checked my Discussion settings and don’t see that I disabled anything. Plus, you can still leave a reply.

    1. I’m going to have an update soon that will fix the comment issue. The theme Adventure doesn’t support feature images, so it’s a bit difficult but I could look into the whole process for it.

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