• black friday says:

    Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant thinking, post is
    fastidious, thats why i have read it fully

  • Debbie Emory says:

    Hi, Love the theme! Someone brought to my attention that when they search for me on the web, the summary that comes up for my website is: “…. is proudly powered by WordPress and the Theme Adventure by Eric Schwarz
    Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).” Can I change this? My old theme would show the first few sentences on my home page, not the footer. Thanks so much,


    • Schwarttzy says:

      Wow I’m sorry about that, I would like say that I never intended for search engines to do that. You could go into the code and delete that bit, it’s inside file index.php towards the end, or just wait for the update that is coming out in the next month or so.

  • I really like what you’ve done with the thmeme but I was asking myself if you are the one that created it or you just bought it and customized it?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      No Adventure is completely my theme from the ground up written from scratch. Go to, you will see that the author is Schwarttzy, and well I’m Schwarttzy. Is there someone claiming to own it? Why would you think that?

  • sal says:

    Thank u ๐Ÿ™‚ works great, love Adventure+

  • ryan says:

    Any plans or is there a method to rotate a scheduled background image other than manual?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I’m trying to do just that, but the only way to do it is hack and slash method that ends in a result I’m not going to publish. But if I figure it out with code that is clean, it will be include in both versions.

  • Olav says:

    Hello, can I downgrade to 1.4.2?

  • Hi. I really like the Adventure theme. I just have one small issue and I’ve looked everywhere for an answer. On my home page, I would like to make the title disappear. With a lot of themes one can add some code to the page.php or loop.php to accomplish this, but Adventure doesn’t have either. Can you please suggest an alternative solution? As far as I’m concerned, all of the titles on all of the pages can disappear. Thanks in advance!

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Well, if you can figure it out all the power to you (hint look in index), but If you pick up premium version “Adventure+” I’ll easily give you the code or show you, which every you prefer.

  • Clayton Clay says:

    Nice and helpful information. I am going to join your blog. Thnx. continue the good work

  • Robert says:


    I would like to use your 1.4.6. plus addition. I currently have the standard edition loaded. My only concern is that the pages and posts will be hard to read against the backround that I have selected. Will I be able to either make the script lighter, or lighten the posts and pages so that there is a greater contrast between the pages and posts and the backround picture?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Matthew says:

    Love your theme! Top shelf!

    How do I get child pages to display in the menu? It looks like it only supports 1 level. Any way to get it to support 2?

  • BobW says:

    I am playing with you theme on a dev account and would like to make the text more readable in terms of the color. I assume it’s only a matter of changing the css. Please confirm that the color changes for the text are made there.

  • johnlanguage says:

    hey man, love the theme. its my favorite one out there, but im a noob and im trying to figure out how to auto resize the background image… can this be done in the CSS or do i have to do it in one of the php files???

    • Schwarttzy says:

      This is something you need to do outside of all the code, using a photo editor. YOu need to keep in mind that many computer will have resolution up to 1920 by 1080 pixels which is why recommended that size a minimum for background photos.

  • cutebt says:

    i very like the theme .

    my site use the theme

  • patrick says:


    Great theme! But is there a chance to comment on articles? I can click on old comments on my blog and than comment. But on articles without recent comments there is no button or so to click on and than comment. Can you help?

    Thank a lot!

  • ???? says:

    The theme is great.

  • Glenn Mar says:


    I am using you beautiful theme now and I have to say Thank you. But i have a problem with my lightbox plugin when using the theme because the white background of the image that i posted or what we call the “overlay” (i guess, if i am not mistaken) is too big than the usual result of the lightbox plugin.When I tried other themes it works perfectly (but i don’t want to use that other themes). Is there a need to change? You can visit my site for you to see what i mean ( and click the first photo.

    Thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I just looked into it and I don’t think it is an error with my coding, it has to do with resizing of the image. All the other photos work just fine on your website with proper spacing. What seems to be happen is that lightbox is getting the original image size and building a box based on those bigger dimension as apposed to the smaller dimensions. I would try redoing the post and make sure to do whatever you did to post the photo’s similar to the ones with your V-TEC Civic. If that doesn’t work I look into it more.

      • Glenn Mar says:


        Thank you for the reply. ๐Ÿ™‚ yes the other photos that is portrait in form is fine but those photos that is landscape in form got bigger color white backgroud.But like i said it, this problem doesn’t occur with the other themes.Thanks again.I’ll wait into that because i really like the theme.

      • Glenn Mar says:


        It’s ok now.I just change the size of the image.:)

        Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Schwarttzy says:

          Hey I think the error has to do with some code I wrote so that if someone puts an image that is to big into the post that the code re-sizes it so that it fits properly and this ability is bleeding over into the plugin, if want I’ll look into it further I will.

  • Deborah Plummer says:

    This is a beautiful layout — I would like to use it for a blog to promote the area in which I live, so I would like to know if I can change the background image to one of local significance…

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Yes you can change the background, it is built into the code so that you can change it all the time by your self in the WordPress admin section under “Appearance” which you find the page label “Background.”

  • Ken says:

    Nice theme, best I’ve found so far. I’m trying to get a WP up for my retired parent and their travel club. With multiple people submitting posts, how do I get the Author (which is often different) to show up like in other themes?

    Message Title
    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Jenny

    Although I’d like to see it to the right of the title instead of underneath to keep the amount of scrolling to a minimum. Keep up the good work

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I haven’t included the code so that the author’s name get attributed to each post, but I can quickly modify the theme for you if you wanted.

      • Ken says:

        No don’t want to do a custom mod. Would lock us into never doing the updates to the theme (as it would go away each time). Just wanted to bring it up as a feature you might want to support. Other than this it isa xtremely nice theme. If we stick with it (just getting started) we’ll gladly donate a little something for what is obviously a good bit of work for you. Keep up the good work.

  • Todd says:

    Hello, This is a great theme. Thanks for sharing it. How do i add a Banner Logo to the top of the page?
    This is probably a stupid question sorry.

  • Bo says:

    Hi there and thanks for at beautiful theme
    I have the biggest newbie question ever: How do I rate your theme? I’ve used WordPress for a long time but I’ve never rated plugins or themes and I just don’t know how to do it. I’ve of course visited but even though I’m logged in, I can’t seem to vote anywhere. I can see the four stars from the average rating, but there’s no stars or anything below “Your rating”.

    It’s probably just me who’s missed something totally obvious so please bear with me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Bo

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Thanks for trying to rate my theme! As far as I know all you have to do is log into and then the rating should appear. Otherwise all it displays is the rate it has and not your personal rating you give it.

  • Ben Swartz says:

    Hello. My cousin and I will be canoeing from Ohio to the Gulf of Mexico in August. We want to set up a site like, Any suggestions on a wordpress theme for that? God Bless.

    • Schwarttzy says:


      Thanks for visiting my website and trusting my opinion. I have gone to and gone through the entire website and looked at everything on there. I though that running the entire trail Appalachian Trail in record time was really cool. Now I’m not sure how much you want me help with setting up the website, or simply choosing a theme, but I can defiantly help you out. I would be glad if you choose my theme “Adventure,” change up the background, and run with it. Now if you are looking for me to just modify my theme “Adventure” so that is is the same layout as the “Where’s Karl” website, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for me either. Also any theme on would work fine, I really don’t have any favorites besides my own and possibly “Adventure Journal.”

      Now I’m guessing that you know how to setup WordPress fine biased on your link, but if you need help just ask because there is so many things to know when running WordPress.

      Also I’m not sure if you know this but if you have an Android or iPhone that you can log into your website while canoeing the trip and write, post, manage comments, and more from your cell phone. I only mention it so that you don’t have to bring with bulky laptops or what ever you plan to blog about while on the trip.

  • Olav says:


    How can I change the bottom bar to the top?
    Sorry little new with this:)

    Gr. Olav

    • Schwarttzy says:

      It is not possible unless the code is changed, if you like me to do that I would have to charge like $10 bucks.

  • Vito Danelli says:

    I truly hate to seem like I’m nitpicking, BUT …

    you should change the line “you get the feeling that your looking out a window” to:

    “you get the feeling that you’re looking out a window”.

    Obviously, “you’re” is a contraction for “you are”.

    Thanks for the work on the theme.


    • Schwarttzy says:

      Thanks I normally never find mistakes like that. I just gloss over everything and look at the content.

  • Rob says:

    NEVERMIND. This turns out to be a dumb question.

    thanks anyway

  • Rob says:

    EXCELLENT theme!!

    How do I omit the comments box from pages?


  • Hey dude,
    Is there a way I can fit my own image into the entire background screen?


    • Schwarttzy says:

      I’m not sure what your wanting to do… are you want to change the background image or the background in the boxes?

  • Tony says:


    Great theme, open, light, gives an impression of spaciousness. Good work. I have searched CSS and drawn a blank, how do I change the color of the bottombar?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The bar is actually an image with a top and bottom. The top is the color you see when not hovering, and the bottom become visible when you hover over a link. The image is located in Adventure/images/ and the file is named “bars.png”

  • Annie Fields says:

    THANK YOU for the elegant layout! BEAUTIFUL. Other than having some trouble getting typekit to land in the body text, which is not your fault, I couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU!

  • Hi again,

    I cannot get my menu items to display on the bottom bar! if I leave the theme location blank I get a list of my pages (not what I want) but if I select a created menu, nothing shows. Hope you can help again. Cheers.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Well you need to drag items into the menu, then there is box labeled “Theme Locations” in which you need to select “menu” and then save it by clicking the “save menu.”

      • Yes I already did that but still no display! All I get is the site name without description.
        I had a menu called ‘main menu’ which did not work so I renamed it ‘menu’, it did not work, so i deleted it and created a completely new menu called ‘menu’ and it still does not work.

  • Ken May says:

    Separate comment, but any way we can get a change log between versions? Plus how much are you looking for for donations?

  • Jeff says:

    I downloaded the newest version and now I see that my posts are truncated rather than the full post in the blog roll. I liked the blog roll… how an I go back?

  • Ken May says:

    How can I add a banner?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I’m not sure exactly how you would want to add a banner to the theme but know of a ton of ways to do it. Could tell where you want it to go and what you want to put in it.

    • Ken May says:

      Thanks for the reply!
      I’d like to add a banner for my radio show at the top, kind of extending across like the bottom bar. Or in my case, the top bar ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m about to start my own radio show and i’d love to have my show logo as a banner up there.

  • Carl says:

    I’ve done 25 revision on my website and your theme does rock the world. You’re cool man! – Carl[Phil]

  • Tim says:

    Hi, great theme, love it. Any chance you could let me know how to change the transparency of the pages. I just want to make the background slightly darker so that text is easier to read. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      If you open up the style.css you’ll see something like {background: images/blacktrans.png} for sidebar and content all you have to do is change around background images to get the desired effect.

  • Christian says:

    great theme. But what about subpages? What was your intention to handle them?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Well I just link child page in the parent page and If I need to force it onto the main menu with custom menus. If you wanted for the menu to support drop down menu of a sort I have done some customizing which everyone has been very happy with.

  • Ramy says:

    Thanks a lot man, I’ve been waiting for this release ๐Ÿ™‚
    great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ramy says:

    good job man, your theme is very very beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike Murphy says:

    Great theme. Simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Adventurer says:

    This design makes me think of a football stadium ๐Ÿ™‚ But the trees and forests, colours around look great…
    I am looking for a green, jungle-like design. Got any? Please post!

  • Matt McKenna says:

    Love the layout have been looking at a few but will keep this one for the now at least how do I get a counter on the site as to how many have visited. Good work

  • randonneur-furtif says:

    Un site trรจs agrรฉable ร  regarder et vivant – fรฉlicitations

  • noa says:

    I’m building a blog, and after browsing for templates for a few days now, yours is the one I like the most!! So first of all – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
    And now for a very basic question (umm.. I hope it isn’t too basic..): How did you get the homepage to look different, without the sidebar? I have a page named home, but when I apply your template I still get the sidebar, unlike your site.

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