Bolts for Hi-Lift Jack CB Bottle Opener Bracketry


This the parts kit necessary to bolt the Modular Tire Carrier in place the factory H3 Hummer tire carrier. 4 rubber grommets to protect the rear door by isolating the bracketry from metal on metal contact. 4 Bolts with Nuts,  and Washers for customizability of the desired mounting height to tire size can easily be selected.

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  • Hi-Lift Jack / CB Antenna / Bottle Opener Bracket – $345.00


This product is a bag of bolts included with the purchase of bracketry to mount the “Hi-Lift Jack / CB Antenna / Bottle Opener Bracket” to the “Modular Tire Carrier”.

Included are the following bolts and parts:

  • 4 x Dorman Lug Nuts 711-305A – Pack of 4
  • 4 x Dorman Wheel Stud 610-254.1
  • 4 x Flanged Hex Head, 1/2″-20, 1-3/4″ Long 92316A758
  • 4 x Flanged Hex Head, 1/2″-20, 2-3/4″ Long 92316A772
  • 8 x Black-Phosphate, 1/2″-20 Thread Size 90949A037
  • 3 x Button Hex Drive Screw, Black Oxide, 10-32, 1-5/8″ Long 91255A277
  • 3 x 18-8 Stainless Nylon Flange Locknut, Black Oxide, 10-32, 94238A131
  • 1 x Plastic Hi-Lift Spacer