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My name is Eric J. Schwarz, and I define myself by “Why” I do things, and I like to think of myself as an adventurer, a sort of modern-day cowboy if you would. I enjoy driving 4X4 trails, rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing and many other types of outdoor sports. I camp light, go backpacking even lighter, only bring the bare minimum to fix my Jeep, and the same goes for my coding.

While it is possible to create amazing works of art with Flash and JavaScript on websites, I find the simplicity of pure HTML and CSS that has been well designed can be even more beautiful and amazing. Which is why something inside me just causes me stop and enjoy a well designed simplistic product doing just as much as the one’s that have too much going on. The code I write is light-weight and easy for even the oldest of computer to run and even today’s smart phones can easily browse the full version of my websites smoothly.

I’m completely self taught from books I have found, trial-and-error, and last but also my favorite is to find great websites and read their code. I feel this way of learning is superior to other ways, because it allows me to specialize in my own styling of coding, pushing the limits further and further, and being able to work where I’m the most passionate.

Over the years I have integrated myself heavily with WordPress, not that I can’t build static websites but the simplicity of using WordPress is unmatched. I like to say, “That if you can browse the internet and use Microsoft Word, then you can edit and update your own website with WordPress,” and I mean it. When WordPress is integrated into your own website you literally login, go the backside of the website, and click on whatever you want to edit in a very similar styling of Word.

I am extremely flexible and willing to adapt to all your specific needs, and if you would like to contact me use this form here.

I look forward helping you get your dream website,

Eric J. Schwarz


  • Bob Fleege says:

    I am a member of the Iowa Off Highway Vehicle Association and we manage eight OHV Parks in Iowa that are designed for ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. I am also a novice at designing web sites but have volunteered to create a site for the IOHVA. I really like your theme and was wondering if we furnished you with a picture that from one of our parks if you would be willing to insert it into a theme just like this one. I’ve been search all over for a unique theme and I believe yours is exactly what I’ve been searing for. I hope you will consider help our our organization. Thank you. Bob Fleege