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Copyright Violations, YouTube Embeds, Etc.

I get lots of emails about website X coping word for word from website Y. The most likely case is that I haven’t even heard of website X. I do not have some special way contacting them. I have absolutely nothing to do with that website, other than they downloaded one of my free WordPress themes. I would be happy to help, but sadly there is nothing that I can do.

Similar to website X copying website Y, website X might have an embedded YouTube video or something. Again I have no control over this but you can block videos from being embedded on website in your video settings for YouTube.

Email Response Time

I get tons of emails all the time and I want to responded to every email I get, but it takes times for me to do this. I always read the emails that I get. Some I respond to right away because there is an easy fix. Others take much longer because I’m working on a solution, or because I haven’t found the time. Paying customers tend to get priority in my responses.

If the email is incredibly urgent please note that in the message.

How do I install a purchased theme

If you were not able to download the WordPress Theme, or just want to download it again you can do so on this page You will need to enter your email address and the order number into the respective fields. Your email is the one you entered on my website when you paid for the theme and can be different from the one linked to your PayPal Account. The order number is not in the email you receive from PayPal, it can only be found in the email from the website “”. Email me if you have any trouble.

  1. Download the theme and leave it in the ZIP file format.
  2. In your admin control panel go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes
  3. Select ‘Upload’ from the menu towards the top (It is right next to the ‘search’, ‘featured’, ‘newest’…)
  4. Browse your computer for the ZIP file of the theme.
  5. Select it and upload the theme.
  6. Be sure to click “Activate” when prompted.

Now, under your Appearance Tab, in the Themes directory you should now have your new theme installed and activated.

Getting the Latest Update

Built into every theme I sell is code that checks my website for the latest version so that you can easily update the theme. This check for the latest version happens every 12 hours, which is why WordPress might not indicate that there is an update for the theme. You can force WordPress to check for an update by following these steps. Email me if you have trouble.

  1. Go to the Admin Control Panel
  2. Click on Dashboard > Updates
  3. On this page click the button label “Check Again”

WordPress should now show you the update for the theme below and allow you to automatically update the theme.