H3 Quick n’ Simple Auxiliary Audio Input

Easily play music from any device with a headphone jack, for example a cell phone, with the factory equipped stereo in the H3 Hummer. The “H3 Quick n’ Simple Auxiliary In” wiring harness works by selectively swapping the audio signals from the XM receiver and the audio signals from the headphone jack. The wiring harness plugs in right between the XM receiver and the radio allowing it to swap between the two audio signals. Until a male to male headphone cable is plugged into the headphone jack, the XM channels and services functions completely normal. However, when a male to male headphone cable is plugged in, the audio is temporarily switched over to the headphone jack.

Due to my real job, with working weekends, these parts typically ship on the next Monday or Tuesday of the week.

No matter what options of the H3 or H3T has, as long as it has the factory equipped XM, this will work perfectly.

It’s quick, it’s simple, and best of all… you don’t need an active service with XM for this to work!

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H3 Quick n’ Simple Auxiliary Audio Input - Details

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  • H3Tdave says:

    I thought i read that the auxillary port is different now its has a nut to attach it now instead of gluing it into a hole? is this the same for the 28″ option?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Wow you were reading some old stuff… anyway I have been using a headphone jack with much longer threads for a lone time now and the only difference between the 28″ and 8″ is just the length.

      • Eddie says:

        Is this still going on? I just purchased a 07 h3 luxury. Looking for the quickest way for aux.

        • Schwarttzy says:

          Yes, I’m still making the Auxiliary input. I’m probably selling more than ever now, pretty sure it works with more vehicles than I know about.

          • Eddie says:

            That is excellent! Thank you for the prompt response also. In your opinion, if I’m looking to get aux, bluetooth(phone), and rear camera, should I get the whole package, or piece it together? Is this possible?

            Thank you for your time,

            • Schwarttzy says:

              I don’t know of any good solutions right now for all of those options. I’ve literally purchased parts over the last couple days to make a new Bluetooth product that will play music, allow for hands free calling, and be significantly cheaper. However this project is a minimum of a few months out from completion.

              • Eddie says:

                Ah ok. The new product sounds like it will be superb. I suppose I will get the aux and wait for your new invention to come out. Thank you for your time!


  • Timothy says:

    I have a 2006 H3 with xm monsoon. Other than the auxiliary do you also make a Bluetooth version?

  • Liran says:

    Hey. I need connect to my Hammer. I have h3 2007. You can send Israel?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      If you have an H3 Hummer in Israel, more than likely you H3 wasn’t built in the USA which means it doesn’t have XM. If you happen to have XM, I’m happy to send it, just use the shopping cart on the website to purchase it.

  • Dennis says:

    I just installed the aux port in my Hummer H3..it was easy installation and the product works great. Thanks Eric!!

  • Bill Morgan says:


    Can you get the Aux Jack with treading so you could attach it with a nut instead of glue and can the cord be longer so you could mount is elsewhere like the counsel ?

    I just bought a 08 H-3 Alpha with Navigation and XM but no Aux Plug. Very disappointed.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      It attaches using a nut now. Yes you can order it longer, use the 28″ option, but I’m highly against mount it on the dash.

  • Huy Do says:

    Is this still for sale?

  • Mike says:

    Hi I have a 2008 H3 I disabled the XM so I don’t pay for it so if I throw this in my truck I will be able to Listen to music threw my phone right

    • Schwarttzy says:

      XM subscription isn’t need for the device to work, currently I just listen to the preview channel on head unit and play any music that I desire.

  • johnny says:

    Hi I need 2 auxillary port to my xm plug. 2003 hummer h2. and 2006 cadillac escalade thx 4 any help

  • HogFann89 says:

    Just to make sure.. can the glove box be closed while the aux cord is plugged in?

  • Herman Markt says:

    Do you think this auxiliary will work in a H3 vehicle that doesn’t have the XM receiver?

  • Osele Williams says:

    Do you recommend getting his instead of the Bluetooth?

  • Nicole says:

    It arrived today. It’s in and is AWESOME! Fast easy install

    • Teresaesa says:

      Did you install as shown through the glove box or with the jack in the off-road light space? I am wanting to put mine in the lights space but curious how it looks and if there is any interference, etc. Thanks!!!

  • ashu says:

    do you ship to Canada as well?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Yes, I ship to Canada. Go through the check out process normally, and everything will work out fine.

      • ashu says:

        Thanks, I just received my unit last week, I had to pay almost $100 CAD but its worth it. its amazing and thanks a lot for making it happen.

  • Ed Chrumka says:

    I just purchased a Hummer H3 with the luxury package that includes the high-power Monsoon audio system. Does the headphone jack audio bypass work the same way (as shown in your video) with the Monsoon audio system? Thanks! — Ed

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Every single H3 & H3T Hummer, there are no exceptions, none. If you have the XM Satellite Radio option, the Quick N’ Simple Auxiliary Input works.

  • Nicole says:

    Can the headphone jack cable be made long enough to fit into the off-road light open space? Where you installed the Bluetooth adapter or will sound become distorted?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The 28″ variation is just for that reason. The extended length can easily reach the empty slots for the off-road lights. There shouldn’t be any issues with distortion placing the cable in that location. I still recommend the glove box mounting location, just not a fan visual modification to the dashboard.

  • Dougal Kear says:

    Will the H3 Quick n’ Simple Auxiliary In wiring harness work on a 2006 H2 with the factory navigation radio that has the XM radio?

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