H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth

*Currently out stock, working on Bluetooth Hands Free Phone Calls and Music Project, Contact Me about making this project real*

The H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth device is a plug and play 4.0 Bluetooth device for the H3 Hummer. The Device uses the North American factory equipped XM Satellite Radio left and right audio channels to deliver the audio to the OEM Radio. The Quick & Easy Bluetooth doesn't require a subscription with XM to work. When the H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth is put into the off position, XM services works completely unaffected. Operation of the device uses an OEM H3 Hummer Off-Road Light switch that plugs into a factory slot in the dash.

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H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth - Details

Video Demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a subscription to XM Satellite Radio?
    No, a subscription isn’t need for the H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth to work.
  • I don’t live in North America..?
    If the H3 Hummer was manufactured in USA, your in luck.
  • How do I know if I have XM Satellite Radio?
    On the OEM Radio press the button “Band” repeatedly. If XM comes up as an option, then that H3 Hummer is XM equipped
  • What tools do I need?
    7mm Socket, wrench, and your wits.
  • Installation time?
    Approximately 30 minutes, for myself I just need less then 10 minutes
  • Is the OEM Switch for the Off-Road Light included?
    Yes, the OEM Switch is included. For as long as I can purchase the switches, it will be included.

Installation Process

Everything put back and connected and finished.

Everything put back and connected and finished.

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  • Bill says:

    Will iPhone handsfree work through the Bluetooth function?

  • Ronald A Dahl says:

    With this easy blue tooth harness is there background static and interference as one would experience with a ipod adaptor that plays through a radios FM system? Or, as the simple wiring harness that you sell for attaching a device through the vehicles XM system.

    Thanks for your contributions to the H3 community. You are a very admirable and inspirational for your work ethic and ingenuity!

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The sound clarity is going to be much better than any FM transmitter. The interference will be the same at the Quick ‘N Simple Aux In.

  • Michael says:

    Do I have to splice wires or is it all just plug and play? Does anything get plugged into the radio or just the xm radio box?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      *face -> palm* It’s plug and play. You could install Blu-Tooth Hack for a month and the remove it without leaving a trace.

  • Jerry says:

    I have a 2010 h3 alpha with oem navigation deck. The fog light button you refer to is actually the traction button in the 2010 alpha. I’d like to keep that traction button available. Can I use that blank button port next to it instead.
    I can email you pics if you need to see my set up.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I don’t use the Traction Button. I provide you with a completely brand new button. That new button can go in the other blank spot. Also, it sounds like you have an Adventure package with front and rear lockers! Because that’s the only reason the traction button would be down there.

  • Timothy says:

    I have a 2006 h3 with xm. Will your aux and Bluetooth work with the monsoon system?

  • Jason says:

    Would you be able to answer some questions over a phone call?

  • J. Trail says:

    Just ordered this last night. Can’t wait to get it installed, looking forward to having Bluetooth capability! I’m curious to see how easy it will be to install. I watched the video for your plug in audio installment. If this is as easy, I’m good to go. The pics showing the jumper needing routing and jumper routed are a bit confusing though. Do I need to do special routing of individual wires, etc? Thanks.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      The bluetooth device is nearly as easy to install as the AUX input, just has the added step of the button in the dash.

  • Kolby Kallweit says:

    My 06 hummer does not have the off road lights. Will I still be able to use this since you’re including the switch? When you say switch, is that the button itself? I just have the blank circle.

  • Julio says:

    Can you do a video hot to intall this??Bluetooth

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