Romney Rally

I happened to attend the Mitt Romney Victory Rally in Cedar Rapids on October 24th, 2012 at the Landmark Aviation Airport. When I arrived at the airport I was immediately greeted by police that told me to turn around and drive to the “Post Mills” building down the road 3 miles so I could ride bus all the way back. I was quite disappointed by this, but I had driven entirely to far to simply turn around. When I got to the “Post Mills” building I was surprised by all the vehicles and this extremely large bulldozer that was completely painted in the typical patriotic colors, red and blue, with the two names “Romney” and “Ryan” on the blade. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken a photo of the massive bulldozer because it was quite impressive to see the paint job on it but also that someone is just hauling it around on the bed of semi to promote a political view. But anyway, I got on a completely full bus with quite the mix of a crowd that was seemingly the stereotypical conservative voters, and there is nothing wrong with that, and drove back on over to the airport. We arrived at the airport for the second time and drove on up to this airplane hanger that was covered in not only political campaign signs on this inside but also security on the outside. I suppose I should have expected as much since Mitt Romney is someone […]

Team Fortress 2

I’m a big fan of the game Team Fortress 2 (TF2) ever since the first version of Team Fortress Classic came out back in 1999. It was possible to get a head-shots using a 56k modem connected to the internet back then, but sadly those days are long gone. Seeing as I’m currently using only 0.3% of my monthly bandwidth on my server, I will hopefully make better use of the massive bandwidth that I’m allocated. With over 12 years passing since playing Team Fortress for my first time, I’m proud to say that I now have my own TF2 server today. If you don’t know what TF2 is, watch these teaser trailers that I conveniently posted below for you. But before you watch the video’s below, let me tell you the best part about the game… It’s completely free for anyone to play. I’m serious, that wasn’t a joke. All you have to do is go to Steam’s Website, download the software and install, after which you need to create an account that is completely free and finish by clicking install TF2 in the tab labeled “Games” and after few hours of downloading your set. If those videos didn’t get you pumped to play Team Fortress 2 then this post is lost on you, because I re-watch those video for fun from time to time. But anyway, to get back to reason for this post I have my own server now and you can connect to it by going […]

Badlands Appreciation

On October 6th, I headed to Indiana to go off-road in my H3 Hummer. The place I went to is called Badlands Off-Road Park. Residing where I do, this is off-road park is about my only option for a day trip off-road. The place is great, it use to be a quarry in the past but has since been converted over to just having fun. Dirt bikes, four-wheeler (quad if you prefer), full size vehicles, and basically anything is all welcome to wheel here. Badlands has little bit of everything contained in the 800 acres. Rocks, mud, deep water, huge hill climbs, and one of my favorites. Frozen streams in the winter to drive on and eventually break through. So customer appreciation at Badlands is exactly what it sounds like. The park holds this event to show appreciation for it’s customers and it’s a really fun weekend to be there. At night, Badland’s staff offer free food, drinks, fireworks, and night races. The night races is one of favorite reasons going to this event. This time around at Badland’s customer appreciation I met up with a bunch of H3 Hummers there. I met up with these guys for couple reasons. But the main reason I had showed up was because of my rock sliders. Rock sliders are similar to step bars but they much stronger because you literally need to be able to support the weight of the vehicle with them. Some people like to call them “rocker panel protection,” […]