130,000 Miles

Just the other day, while driving back from a weekend of packing parachutes at Skydive Alabama, my H3 Hummer crossed over the 130,000 mileage mark on the odometer. I think that my H3 has entered it’s proving ground now. This mileage period from now on shows how well built the vehicle really is. With a goal of 250,000 on the odometer, I want to reflect back on the vehicles performance so far. While I wish I had more power from the engine, the 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 has never let me down in all those miles. The body feels completely solid, despite the rust belt’s handy work. And except for the driver side seat, the interior is great. Mike Ditka‘s sons ass is to blame for that one. Anyway, I’ve been worried for years that the damage to the seat in the first 30,000 miles was going to spread. Even though I have been worries, after 100,000 mileage of loving care the seat hasn’t gotten any worse.

Despite all the good news, I’ve had needed to replace a few minor parts. Around 60,000 miles, my H3 Hummer’s Radiator Thermostat needed replacing because it would open up too soon. The H3 would run around 25° cooler than what is recommend for the 3.5L L52 I5 engine. After 3 visits to Burning Man and a few rather deep water crossings, the Evaporative Emissions Canister Vent Valve Solenoid gave out. When replacing the Evaporative Emissions Canister Vent Valve Solenoid didn’t come with a Solenoid Jumper Wire which was need to properly replace it. Finally, how easily the Front Grille Assembly is ripped off by brush. Honestly thought, a real solution is just to get some brush guards on the front.

I keep asking myself, “What’s the future going to hold for this H3 Hummer?” I’m a little bit scared of that answer, because I don’t want the vehicle to become stagnate and old. While my recent project, the H3 Hummer Quick & Easy Bluetooth Audio project brings me pleasure. I find comfort in some projects I have set for the summer of 2016. With any luck, I’d like to offer the strongest “Bull Bars” money can buy, without it becoming gaudy. I’ve been talking about building a Hi-Lift / CB Antenna Mount for years, and hope that this is year I finally get it done. I also plan to replace most of the parts in the front suspension that can wear out, along with an alignment sometime soon. Hopefully before I get new tires put on the H3 this summer, so that front suspension can feel like a brand new H3 again.

  1. I hope yours goes well. My 07 H3 was good untill 128,000, when it needed a rebuilt trans. At 180,000 it needed a new engine because of a trashed crank shaft. Im now at 187,000 and counting. I’m thinking of a LS3 engine conversion n the future. I’d like at least 350+ horse power. The i5 is a bit sluggish.

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